Anthropology. Bengali. Unit 1: Mechanics and radioactivity AS and A This unit leads on from GCSE and covers rectilinear motion, forces and moments, Newton’s first and third laws, dynamics, momentum, Newton’s second law , m echanical energy , Anthropology. Twelve questions to be set from all groups together. Chemistry Fashion Designing Chemistry Edexcel Advanced Subsidiary Advanced GCE in Physics Syllabus . Electronics Subsidiary with effect from 1999 admissions and detailed syllabus with effect from 2000 admissions. SYLLABUS FOR SUBSIDIARY PHYSICS (SPHY Paper - I : Goo Units and Dimensions and Vector : Scalar and vector fields, Axial and polar vectors, Dot and cross products; Pseudo vector, Scalar triple pmduct, Vector trip product, Gradient, Divergence and Curl, … Course Structure and Syllabus: B.Sc. IT Botany. Five questions are compulsory to be answered - two from group - A, one from Group - B and two from Group - C. Group - A. Economics Syllabus BA English (Subsidiary) Syllabus; BA English (Hons) Syllabus; BA English (General) Syllabus; Geography Syllabus; BA-III General Studies Syllabus BA Hindi (Hons) Syllabus; BA-II Political Science Syllabus; Philosophy(Hos) Syllabus; Political Science Syllabus; BSc Zoology Part-1 Syllabus Candidates should be advised to concentrate on the AS part of the syllabus when preparing for this paper. UG CBCS SYLLABUS (General Courses) UG CBCS SYLLABUS (Honours Courses) UG CBCS SYLLABUS (Vocational Courses) PG CBCS SYLLABUS: PG CBCS SYLLABUS (Vocational Courses) Anthropology. BBA. There has been provided the list of topics having chances to appear in the exam. Rural Development Bengali. III Core course-V Mathematical Physics-II 4 Core Course-V Practical/Tutorial Mathematical Physics-II Lab 2 Core course-VI Thermal Physics 4 Core Course-VI Practical/Tutorial Thermal Physics Lab 2 Core course-VII Digital Systems and Applications 4 Core Course-VII Practical/Tutorial Digital Systems & Applications Lab 2 The syllabus is designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for Basic Education Revised Syllabi for Geology, Statistics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Home Science Main with effect from 2000 admissions. […] Biotechnology Chemistry. Botany. BCA Syllabus for PHYSICS (Subsidiary Papers) PHYSICS Part - I (Theory) Time: 3 hours 75 MARKS . NSSCO Physics Syllabus, NIED 2018 1 1. Physics Subsidiary. BCA Bengali Botany. Everything you need to study for or to teach the Edexcel International Advanced Level in Physics (2018), including key documents. (Pass) Physics Course Structure and Syllabus: B.Sc. INTRODUCTION The Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary (NSSCO) level syllabus is designed as a two-year course leading to examination after completion of the Junior Secondary phase. Revised Syllabus for Home Science with effect from 2003 admissions. (Subsidiary/Other Disciplines) Physics Details of subjects required for online exam forms: Even Semester 2016-17 It is designed to achieve the aims of teaching Subsidiary ICT, standardise the teaching of the subject, guide the teachers of Subsidiary ICT and produce students with more skills in ICT who can effectively compete on the global market. (H) Physics Course Structure and Syllabus: B.Sc. The Subsidiary ICT Teaching Syllabus is meant to guide teachers handling Subsidiary ICT at A level. The exam is organized by the head of the Patna University 2020 for students taking admission in the course of their choice. Patna University 2020 Syllabus has been given on the site based on the pattern of last year’s question papers of Patna University.
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