Rotary piston and plunger pumps use a crank mechanism to create a reciprocating motion along an axis, which then builds pressure in a cylinder or working barrel to force gas or fluid through the pump. Every day, the oil and gas industry’s best minds put more than 150 years of experience to work to help our customers achieve lasting success. P7100, P8500, 14mm, 16mm, 17mm plungers barrels, for P inline pumps kit, 12mm A pump for Bosch, ZEXEL, DELPHI, Caterpillar, YANMAR Diesel engine . The plunger, discharge valves, and suction valves come in contact with the media type transferred, and material choices are based on the fluid transferred. In practice, custom-made equipment is the best option for this purpose. 4.6 out of 5 stars 34. FOB Price: US $ 800-5000 / Set Min. Funktionsweise einer Hochdruck PlungerpumpeEinblicke in die Mechanik und Hydraulik einer Verdrängerpumpe For example, plunger pumps that function in general service or oil service applications often have an iron cylinder and plunger. Pumps with power up to 600 kW, as a rule, have three cylinders. Our product range is furthermore used for different industrial applications. A stuffing box or packing is used to seal the joint between the vessel where the media is transferred and the plunger or piston. "Ram pump" redirects here. Add to Quote . Plunger pumps are used in applications that could range from 70 to 2,070 bar (1,000 to 30,000 psi). This group includes middle-power pumps (up to 600 kW), high-power pumps (up to 2500 kW), as well as steam-driven units. This single acting Plunger Pump has efficient Ball Valves and a Splash Lubricated, Electrically driven gearbox. The pump internals also have a limited life. Home. Category. It is not to be confused with,, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. FTL Technology provides reliable high performance sealing systems into critical plunger pump applications across all industrial markets. Add to Quote . Models with power up to 2500 kW are designed for applications where they can be used for a long time at high loads and with extended service intervals. One the world can’t live without. P8500 Plungers. At the same time, there are several models with five and seven cylinders. 800 kW high-end plunger pump The K 80000 plunger pump, as a high-end pump, is used in mining, as a work-horse in water hydraulics and in steelworks, as well as in large systems of the oil … L'invention porte sur une pompe à plongeur à haute pression sans huile qui comporte un corps de pompe (20) et une tête de pompe (10) montée sur le corps de pompe (20). A wide variety of oil plunger pump options are available to you, such as power, application, and pressure. With pressures up to 70 bar as standard and flow rates of up to 318 L/hr, it is suitable for a wide range of Industrial applications. These are flexible pumps that are most commonly used for pumping viscous and high-temperature fluids. Structure: Axial Plunger Pump; Cylinder Number: Multi Cylinder; Drive Mode: Reciprocating Pump; Pump Shaft Position: Horizontal; Power: Motor or Diesel; Product Name: High Pressure Plunger Pump/Piston Pump; Suppliers with verified business licenses. Pulsation Dampener-Rechg-NBR 6011. Other options New from $15.99. Add to Quote . Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the date listed.) Plunger pumps component materials are chosen for wear and contact with the media type. Piston pumps and plunger pumps are reciprocating pumps that use a plunger or piston to move media through a cylindrical chamber. The displacer of this pump is called “plunger”. Mount to pumps on a flat surface or panel mounted pumps. Change initial fill after 50 hours running period. One application is the glycol injection at 4,430 psig (305.5 bar) and a flow rate of 4,412 gph (16.7 m3/h), the other application is for "pigging." In contrast to a piston pump, the piston does not reach the cylinder wall. A Plunger pump has a reciprocating plunger. This type of pump is often used to transfer municipal and industrial sewage. Packings, brass retainers and intermediate ring guides, valves and plungers … Thereafter, change oil every 3 months or 500 hour intervals. A stuffing box may be composed of bushings, packing or seal rings, and a gland. The overall capacity of the piston pumps and plunger pumps can be calculated with the area of the piston or plunger, the stroke length, the number of pistons or plungers and the speed of the drive. 45.DWG; 45.DXF; 45.STEP; Pump Accessories and Add-ons for 5 Frame Plunger Pump - 45. offers 6,621 plunger pump oil products. The volume of the fluid discharged is equal to the area of the plunger or piston, multiplied by its stroke length. The plunger or piston is actuated by a steam powered, pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric drive. offers 6,423 oil plunger pump products. Kit fits the following CAT pumps: Piston pumps 6020 through 6041; Plunger pumps 3501 through 3560, 3801 through 3841K, 6747 through 6777 and 6801 through 6861K. A wide variety of plunger pump oil options are available to you, such as pressure, usage, and application. About Us. Showing all 10 results × Morgo Ariel Single Plunger Oil Pump £ 100.00. Our specialists have the proper experience and knowledge to choose pumping equipment that fully satisfies the operating conditions and solve all problems of modernization of existing facility or construction of a new one. At mineral fertilizer plants plunger pumps are used as ammonia and carbamate pumps. Effective sealing of oil and protection for moving parts against wear. TEXAS OIL WELL PUMP Co Original Assignee TEXAS OIL WELL PUMP Co Priority date (The priority date is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. High competition, based on the growth of productivity and efficiency of technological processes, favors the use of equipment, which technical and economic indices provide the required production level today and will provide it in the near future. Such systems are a comprehensive solution for a wide range of applications and are designed to meet certain working conditions, previously specified by the client. Most often steam is used as a working medium, less often – gas or air. This makes them different from piston pumps and allows them to be used at higher pressures. The plunger pumpis primarily intended for use in high-pressure fuel pumps (HPFPs) for storage-type fuel systems, but can also be used in piston compressors and in vacuum pumps. They work against high pressures that occur when pumping and conditioning crude oil and natural gas. Products. AAA Pumps 90038 AAA Technologies Triplex Plunger Pump Kit 3800 PSI at 3.5 GPM, Blue/gold. Limited time deal. Dust and oil tight enclosure, eliminating contamination from the outside elements. A plunger pump is a type of positive displacement pump where the high-pressure seal is stationary and a smooth cylindrical plunger slides through the seal. $23.05 $ 23. In steam driven pumps, under the action of the working fluid on the piston, all power is transmitted directly to the plunger of the hydraulic part. 01 $291 .31 $291.31. Join waitlist. Karcher 6.288-050.0 Pump Oil, Synthetic 15W40 1 Liter . Knowledge. About 60% of these are Pumps. Applications. This Plunger is connected to cross head, which in turn connects to a crank shaft which provides the reciprocating action. Component materials include bronze, brass, steel, stainless steel, iron, nickel alloy, or other material. 中文版. $21.99 $ 21. $268.99 $ 268. Add to Quote . The displacers in plunger pumps are moved/pressed by crankshafts which is integral to the pump and the pump has one or more cylinders. [citation needed]. The term plunger comes from the English language and means piston rod or plunger. LEWA high-pressure plunger pumps are primarily used in the oil, gas, petrochemicals and refineries industries. A History of Mechanical Inventions, Abbott Payson Usher, Courier Dover Publications, 1988, This page was last edited on 18 August 2020, at 15:16. Tech Bulletin 134 - Piston and Plunger Pump Crankcase Capacities; CAD Drawings . Pop-Off Valve 33962. Pressure Regulator 7014. In power applications where continuous duty plunger pumps are needed, solid ceramic plungers may be used when in contact with water and oil, but may not be compatible for use with highly acidic media types. Order: 1 Set. High Pressure Plunger Pump, Triplex Plunger Pump manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Large Volume Quintuplex Plunger Pump for Harsh Frac Operation, Equivalent Serva Plunger Pump for Acidizing, Large Displacement Fracturing, Well Killing, Nomal Well Pumping Services, Oilfield Pump Services, Oil and Gas Pump Services and so on. We bring forth our vast industrial experience and expertise in this domain, involved in offering High Pressure Plunger Pump. 4.5 out of 5 stars 140. This High Pressure Plunger Pump is available in different standards and models according to the client’s demands. About Us Products and Services Products and Services. Plunger pump operating pressures up to 2,000 bar (30,000 PSI) Drive power of the plunger pumps up to 3,450 kW (4,600 HP) ... High operational reliability against lubricating oil contamination due to absolute separation of the pump cylinder from the power end which is closed on all sides. The double plunger injection and recovery pump is suitable for heavy oil thermal recovery of single well steam huff and puff. pump disassembly. 04 LEWA Plunger pumps — References Industry: Oil & Gas Installation location: Qatar Application: This pump skid is designed for two applications. We are one of the reckoned company, which is involved in offering a huge gamut of Fuel Injection Part to our respectable clients. These are three-, five-and seven-cylinder horizontal pumps. The power needed from the drive is proportional to the pressure and capacity of the pump.[1]. Nowadays to implement many new projects and modernize production facilities there is a great demand for pumping equipment, which fully meets today's requirements and challenges. We have the people, capabilities, and vision to serve the needs of a challenging and evolving industry. At oil refineries plunger pumps are applied in the processes of dewaxing, hydrocracking, visbreaking, hydrofinishing, hydrotreating, can be used for pumping of hydrocarbon condensate, off-specs oil, bitumen and heavy oils. All models have the capability to control the flow in the range 0 ... 100% with an error of less than 1%. Among plunger pumps, which are widespread in a number of industrial sectors, including the previously mentioned, the following groups of equipment can be single out: The first group is represented by reciprocating pumps with three-, five-and seven cylinders. In the chemical and petrochemical industries plunger pumps are parts of the ethylene, polyethylene, melamine, methanol, resins and alcohols plants. Regulation of pump speed can be carried out manually and automatically. Retrouvez tous les avis et tests Hydraulic Plunger Pump sur Aliexpress France ! Seals are an integral part of piston pumps and plunger pumps to separate the power fluid from the media that is being pumped. For example, plunger pumps that function in general service or oil service applications often have an … In the chemical and petrochemical industries plunger pumps are parts of the ethylene, polyethylene, melamine, methanol, resins and alcohols plants. Email: [email protected] [email protected] LUBRICATION:Fill crankcase with special CAT PUMP oil per pump specifications (3CP-10 oz., 5CP-17 oz., 7CP-38 oz.). Pump systems of the fourth group are offered as complete packaged units, and all the equipment usually is arranged on one common frame. As the plunger reciprocates to its foward stroke, the inlet valve closed and the liquid is forced out of the discharge check valve. AMCOR provides engineering services and supplies a wide range of pumping equipment, including plunger pumps and systems, helping customers to implement ambitious projects and achieve successful results in their business. Suitable for single well that requires steam injection for thermal recovery. High Pressure Plunger Chemical Pumps JDR Series Plunger Metering Pump Capacity range 92-6050lph,8-500bar Power: 5.5kw JDR motor can be both vertical or horizontal installed. Arrives before Christmas. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. $264.01 $ 264. This is a video animation explains about the working of a plunger pump, it is a positive displacement pump. 05. Piston pumps are used in lower pressure applications. The plunger pump is a special version of the piston pump. As the Plunger stokes back, the fluid is pulled into the cylinder through an inlet check valve. Pressure Sensitive Regulating Unloader 7694. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Add to Quote . Such pumps have a robust and safe design with a small size and weight. The third group covers metering plunger, diaphragm and plunger pumps with several hydraulic parts. Less wear thru greater dispersement of bearing loads. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The technological diaphragm pumps of the second group are a good choice for the handling of various explosive liquids, as there is no contact of the working fluid with the atmosphere and other pump components. 99. Barrel & Plunger for Bosch P7100 Pump - Fuel injection Parts. Plunger-type pumps are a type of positive displacement pump that contain a pump chamber whose volume is increased and/or decreased by a plunger moving in and out of a chamber full of fuel with inlet and discharge stop-check valves. The Morgo Plunger Oil Pumps are made to very fine limits from the best materials to give long and trouble free service and an increase in performance over the standard oil pump. Features: - Gleaming look Get it as soon as Fri, Dec 4. The piston rod itself represents the piston. Due to the smaller static and dynamic loads, five- and seven-cylinder pumps are more preferable than three-cylinder ones. Pressure Gauge … They have done extensive testing to find the best oil that performs with their pump. They have less wear parts, so their overall life time and reliability is higher. [1], The invention of the plunger pump is attributed to Samuel Morland based on a patent of 1675. Each pump manufacturer offers their own special oil and recommends that you use it with their product. Plunger pumps are reliable, robust, high-performance, energy-efficient, compact units that are widely used in high-pressure applications. A high-pressure oil-free plunger pump has a pump body (20) and a pump head (10) mounted on the pump body (20). More Buying Choices $249.56 (7 used & new offers) AR North America RSV4G40-PKG Triplex Plunger Pump. Component materials include bronze, brass, steel, stainless steel, iron, nickel alloy, or other material. Domestic Assembling of the Centrifugal Pumps. Plunger pumps component materials are chosen for wear and contact with the media type. High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump, Piston Pump for Oil Field . DO NOT RUN PUMP WITHOUT OIL IN CRANKCASE. News. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. Cat Pumps Oil Fill Cap With O-ring 14179 4HP,5DX, 6DX,66DX, 5CP Pumps For Cat Pump 46798. Kit includes 3/8" x 48" drain hose, 1/4" NPT(M) square end oil drain plug, bracket, and other necessary fittings. Livraison rapide Produits de qualité à petits prix Aliexpress : Achetez malin, vivez mieux Plunger pumps are reliable, robust, high-performance, energy-efficient, compact units that are widely used in high-pressure applications. Acting as an EPC contractor, AMCOR, guided by the customer requirements specification, is ready to provide a technically competent solution with an optimal configuration of pumping equipment, which fully satisfies the specific operating conditions. The working fluid is moved with the diaphragm, and the latter is affected by the intermediate fluid. 4.6 out of 5 stars 235. SC PUMPS makes high-pressure reciprocating plunger pumps for oilfield injection, like high pressure water injection pumps for oil extraction, Liquid CO2 pumps for oil production and booster pump English / 中文. The gearbox is available in 2 speeds with a range of Pump Head sizes to suit your requirements. 4.6 out of 5 stars 19. All of them are highly reliable, do not require additional lubrication systems, durable, their design provides simple and easy maintenance. Multiplex gear boxes with one motor drive and pump base is available. In the oil and gas industry plunger pumps are used in gas processing, gas regeneration and storage; in units for pumping of hydrate formation inhibitors, liquefied carbon dioxide and water into oil wells; systems for pumping of monoethylene glycol; units for pressure tests of pipelines and equipment for oil pumping stations. Contact Us. Our high-pressure pumps are robust, quiet, efficient, cost-saving and, thanks to their double-helical gear unit, practically free of axial load. Plunger pumps, also often just called piston pump by layman, belong to the group of oscillating positive displacement pumps - one of the oldest pump types. For the successful implementation of projects in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, and oil and gas processing industries, high-quality, reliable, well-thought-out equipment is required. The pressure in the chamber actuates the valves at both the suction and discharge points. Assured lubrication with oil flingers mount-ed on the crankshaft, instead of oil wheel-scraper means of transporting lubricant.
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