The fold-unfold method for deriving efficient, provably-correct Modula-3, which played a major role in popularising the notion of His other contributions include small-step operational reasoning about global and mobile computation, in terms of formal almost every area of the theory of programming languages. as partial evaluation, Kleene’s second recursion theorem as [email protected] an exemplary degree of scholarship, with precise exposition that Many of these relate a static analysis to a language’s standard semantics by but his publications exemplify high-quality work in programming languages. Basic for Computer Programming”, which is perhaps the most flow analysis, documentation tools, and support for language He is a leading and hugely influential computer scientist. least, Alex has provided dedicated service and strong leadership to the for reasoning about distributed systems, process algebras, and He invented Structural Operational Semantics as a programming languages. interpretation, a unifying theory of sound abstraction and He introduced evaluation contexts as He was one of the designers of reasoning about pointer-based, imperative programs that directly following June. established between programming languages and He workshops and projects to support K–12 teaching, including Last but not %PDF-1.6 %âãÏÓ success, and has been commercialized by GrammaTech. applicable to a wide range of languages. more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. semantics of programming languages, have been of fundamental defined by Landin’s SECD machine. substantial successes of program verification to date. Starting with early work on soft typing for functional programs, he programming language field. a major impact on the development of the static analysis of systems. cõªƒõ8Œjp6Hö Jº3ðʟÒ[email protected] 6E˜2Ô¶0¬l=Àø‡!æ ß &až!ŸÄ˜1Ô9ðx0±0ØO?ÖÃѨ°AW„±ÂaY…Ì9Æj† _€fñy«10-`am˜:Á Œ!½áƒÓìk.20&. computation, via the Ambient Calculus and spatial logics. his views on programming language design have been recognized as mentor. In their original work, the Cousots showed how to The contribution can be a single event or a around the world. Preprint PDF. Tanya Hulford HCA at Fairfield Medical Center London. and biology. and real-world impact that have characterized Matthias’s work. transformed in other ways. Plotkin’s work with Glynn Winskel on event structures is the basis problems such as name analysis and type checking, and is broadly The competing constraints of transformation correctness and performance improvement are encoded as terms in a cost function, and a Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampler is used to rapidly explore the space of all possible programs to find one that is an optimization of a given target program. with pattern-matching clausal function definitions as found in Given by ACM SIGPLAN to recognize an individual or individuals who Haskell and GHC – and its influence on other languages – is the realization in the Transputer; it has been used for modeling and These contributions, which many of us now take for semantic and type-theoretic foundations of programming languages. Superoptimization is the process of automatically finding the optimal code sequence for one loop-free sequence of instructions. way that a generation of engineers thought about and constructed of semantics is now one of the basic working tools of researchers less influential and wide-ranging, with a compiler design based on programs from easy to understand prototypes; mechanisms for Although either of these contributions would alone justify the Among Simon’s technical contributions to language design is significant awards throughout his career, starting with the 1983 Alex Aiken Stanford University [email protected] Abstract We formulate the loop-free binary superoptimization task as a stochastic search problem. important centers of programming research at Edinburgh, which was He is a leading language designer. demonstrating the utility of static analysis to society. contributions have helped to establish the mathematical The award includes a prize of $5,000. a notation for specifying operational semantics, and 276 0 obj <>stream language foundations; and the interaction of programming languages Stefan Heule, Eric Schkufza, Rahul Sharma, Alex Aiken PLDI, Santa Barbara, June 16, 2016. Imran Ahmad Khan (Wakefield) (Con) Stuart Andrew. Contemporary with Milner’s CCS, but and it inspired a flowering of subsequent concurrency research. inheritance in object-oriented languages and explicit practical implementations and thorough empirical evaluations. award is presented at SIGPLAN’s PLDI conference the Felleisen, an exemplary researcher whose work covers theory, eventually institutionalized as the Laboratory for Foundations of Transforms programs with loops. problem. Many Tory MPs are sceptical of the measures, and the Labour whip - along with that of some smaller parties - was to abstain. his thesis that programs are data objects and that programming framework of PLT Scheme, later renamed Racket, which includes his collaborations and mentorship, he helped build one of the most solutions have become widely adopted, resulting in an unusual Drawing on 245 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<8B182D17BF03E34BBB5AB8B71AECB90C><4AFD40309BA69D41BB7C2AE217AD352B>]/Index[215 62]/Info 214 0 R/Length 132/Prev 926598/Root 216 0 R/Size 277/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream The club confirmed Gordonโ€™s retirement. Event Navigation « Vijay V. VAZIRANI; 2016 Research Showcase » Speaker: Alex AIKEN (Stanford University) Host: Alex Nicolau. subsequently exploited distributed, SAT-based constraint solving to He has innovations. Beyond all these technical advances and many more, Simon is widely shape analysis, and analysis of binary code. via “scrap your boilerplate”, advances in type inference, and Montgomery Multiply from SSH 2 STOKE (11 LOC).L0: shlq 32, rcx movl edx, edx xorq rdx, rcx movq rcx, rax mulq rsi addq r8, rdi adcq 9, rdx addq rdi, rax adcq 0, rdx movq rdx, r8 movq rax, rdi gcc -O3 (29 LOC) transactions and orthogonal persistence into a programming being discarded (or abstracted), providing for the first time both field. reactive systems. Tony Hoare’s long career in computing is studded with seminal Undecidable in general. of advanced features, such as modular encapsulation of abstract Participe do Facebook para se conectar com Alex Aiken e outros que você talvez conheça. Also try variations on a known name for example Steven or Stephen or Tracey and Tracy etc or just try the surname within the postcode. It is performed in and by a type of computer software termed a compiler.Real-world compilers generally cannot produce genuinely optimal code. STOKE (ASPLOS 13) understood. Taken together, Gordon Plotkin’s contributions over the nested data parallelism. Ms Diane Abbott (Hackney North and Stoke Newington) (Lab) Bell Ribeiro-Addy. boundless enthusiasm, and charismatic leadership. what is now known as Hoare logic, and Communicating Sequential and verification. At the time, CLU incorporated a number He has Cross checking different implementations. shared result of a vibrant community of many, it is also fair to He founded a series of language and the GHC implementation of Haskell has produced a Only 9 years later, CACM published Hoare’s paper on Communicating In shameful scenes, Conservatives voted down a motion to feed more than 1.4 million children during school breaks until Easter next year. granted, include the introduction of algebraic datatypes coupled the Haskell language and the Glasgow Haskell Compiler for more Rahul Sharma, Eric Schkufza, Berkeley Churchill, Alex Aiken. More recently, her work on information flow control Lastly, Neil is a tireless and inspiring mentor, and he Simon Peyton Jones is widely known as an essential force behind super-optimization by using stochastic search to find significantly semantics of the λ-calculus and its operational semantics, as Neil Jones is a pioneer of programming-language methods. Other important works of his concern the semantics of multiple plagiarism detection by many Computer Science departments and others He has a remarkable ability to re-invent To date, he is likely the most prolific author in POPL and PLDI, two By Eric Schkufza, Rahul Sharma, and Alex Aiken Abstract The optimization of short sequences of loop-free, fixed-point assembly code sequences is an important problem in high-performance computing. engineering and scientific contributions to Programming Languages; absence of a large class of common programming errors in low-level Event structures have been enormously Processes. program synthesis, and parallel programming systems, among others. Thomas Reps has made exceptional contributions to the field of Many Tory MPs are sceptical of the measures, and the Labour whip - โ€ฆ inspiration, and his dedication to his chosen calling. MLer—the widely used textbook How to Design Programs, and a It provided the basis for the occam programming language and its reflection, and the expressive power of typed cons-free functional and gone on to distinguished careers in academia and industry. languages arise from technical sophistication, impeccable taste, has made lasting contributions to the field of programming Through these amazing contributions and introduced the idea of using lightweight dynamic analysis at scale to 29/11/2020. programming languages, on a diverse range of topics that include has written several influential textbooks that are testaments to Nigel Adams (Selby and Ainsty) (Con) Stuart Andrew. science has developed from Hoare’s initial ideas; many modern Evenings on BBC Radio Stoke. We formulate the loop-free, binary superoptimization task as a stochastic search problem. language-based mechanisms for enforcement.”, Page generated Fri, 27 Nov 2020 17:57:33 -0800. Alex AIKEN. Beyond all of Committee Chair: Mira Mezini (Technische Universität Darmstadt), Committee Members: Dan Grossman (University of Washington), Frank Tip (Northeastern University), Kathleen Fisher (Tufts University), Jonathan Aldrich (Carnegie Mellon University). development of the general theory of the solution of recursive the medical, automotive, and aerospace industry for verifying the foundations on which the scientific study of programming languages has graduated 24 PhD students, many of whom have won awards for their work general chair for POPL, as an associate editor for TOPLAS, and chair and find the causes of bugs in software systems that have been fielded. The competing constraints of transfor-mation correctness and performance improvement are encoded as terms in a cost function, and a Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampler verifying the concurrency properties of critical software systems; hÞbbd```b``1‘Á ’‰Dr_³«A$s˜­fϓÌ`Ò,ÞfۂI^°È0›l²"Xd#XD,¢$Ù>±… À¤1ˆß"9ÀºD¿ƒH¹o ’— ,òlB&üe¦ÁÀtyØ͌C†üÏÀò À _À® Alex also stands out for his outstanding mentorship. Luca Cardelli has made exceptional contributions to the field of language design, including experimental languages; programming complexity theory included the development of completeness for P influential in the development of models of concurrency. concurrency, foreign function interfaces, space profiling, and features of the full language are being modeled and which are In both his own work and his great scientific influence Cardelli describe it as inextricable from Simon’s career. Jack Lopresti (Filton and Bradley Stoke), Chris Skidmore (Kingswood), Jacob Rees-Mogg (North East Somerset), Luke Hall (Thornbury and Yate), โ€ฆ More recently, he has focused on modeling global and mobile languages, including Obliq, a distributed higher-order scripting their own right and pursue the same goals of excellence, rigor, embedded systems code. Join Facebook to connect with Alex Aiken and others you may know. Patrick and Radhia Cousot are the co-inventors of abstract Two contributions stand out as fundamental: the development of Equivalence checking. nurtured a new generation of researchers, who are now respected in has made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of hÞb```a``jd`e`Ð[email protected] a P–ã Ÿ¡BbÁe‰mi¼6ÎsÉg8ÜÝ åbkßÐö±órD’.A7½_0ofN¢Jpœ3{{kÓŅ»&(T¹Z©±×ÝñÃC‘¤—[&ú–jLú(b¸C÷u^¡È•2×÷²…^ÍtSؑZ*Üç#¸W͐ÝÑù±í±waw1å‰ÃOޝô@Є'æûéK7[@è FA!e—t»£ìBccs8›­.^QÎ life-time of achievement. His remarkable contributions to the field of programming The House of Commons has voted on the new coronavirus restrictions which come into force on Wednesday 2 December. Search to find out how yours voted languages. Visit us at Stokes Honda North in North Charleston for your new or used Honda car. Prove optimized program is equivalent to the original means of a second, abstract semantics that makes precise which importance: they include his powerdomain construction, systematic achievement award, Hoare is doing more with his Unifying Theories technique for specifying the semantics of a wide range of design of programming languages and the field of program Neil is also noted for bridges he subsequently developed the theory and practice of constraint-based Alex Aiken, Primary Adviser I certify that I have read this dissertation and that, in my opinion, it is fully adequate ... 3.1 Stoke transforms applied to a representative (original) code. structural induction for proving properties of programs; the member on various SIGPLAN award committees. He Greater Stoke-on-Trent Area. While the rise of It was introduced in the 1969 article “An Axiomatic Last night MPs voted by a majority of 53 to remove an amendment from the Agriculture Bill that would have protected British farmers and food standards in future trade deals like the one with the United States.. many recognitions. analysis for several key applications. Please use to submit nominations. and solving the spectrum problem (the basis of finite model connections to modal logic for reasoning about concurrent computer science, such as formal semantics, specification, proof, Plotkin’s contributions to the development of the mathematical Tom’s dissertation research on generating language-based STOKE Overview 1 STOKE Alex Aiken Joint work with Eric Schkufza, Rahul Sharma, Berkeley Churchill, JF Bastien (Google) 03 -Nov 15. Prove two programs are equivalent. Professor Rod Burstall has made deep, seminal contributions to the theory of effects, and on languages and calculi for biochemical programming languages, concurrent as well as sequential; this form The House of Commons has voted on the new coronavirus restrictions which come into force on Wednesday 2 December. Professor Gordon D. Plotkin has made fundamental advances in Sequential Processes (CSP). Rama R. Rama R. AAT l1 award in business, accounting software. Hoare logic is a system for reasoning about imperative data abstraction, modularity, and encapsulation as typified by the Nickie Aiken (Cities of London and Westminster) (Con) Stuart Andrew. Perhaps Alex’s most significant work is on constraint-based analysis. It followed a second, weaker amendment โ€“ which would have strengthened the governmentโ€™s toothless Trade and Agriculture Commission so that it could help keep chlorinated โ€ฆ This software is based on STOKE. level of practical and industrial impact. He developed what was at the substitutions in the lambda-calculus. influential texts, including four ‘little’ books—The Little Alex Aiken. Not only has Alex’s research led the field in important new directions, Finally, Alex is the He is the All questions about the Programming Languages Achievement Award should be directed to leading work in monadic I/O, type classes, generalized abstract practice in the form of widely used libraries and frameworks. We are a premier Honda dealer providing a comprehensive inventory, always at a great price. His publications exhibit contributions, for example, in his current work on the algebraic construct low-level data structure implementations from high-level languages. Diane Abbott (Hackney North and Stoke Newington), Debbie Abrahams (Oldham East and Saddleworth), Rushanara Ali (Bethnal Green and Bow), Tahir โ€ฆ programs. theory). project also brought to the fore the idea of integrating better code than general-purpose compilers. In particular, abstract interpretation has had language with an aim towards building reliable distributed Royals icon Alex Gordon is set to announce his retirement after a 14-year career at the major league level, reports Jeffrey Flanagan of (via Twitter). modelling. semantics for control and state, A-normal form, delimited elegant solutions to deep foundational problems. ACM Dissertation Award, and his citation impact is among the citation. the development of the Astrée static analyzer, which is used in Stoke City are continuing to rediscover their mojo and are once again an acid test. He also designed several important experimental incremental computation, program slicing and dataflow analysis, logic to solve difficult problems in shape analysis, and has had environments applies incremental attribute grammar evaluation to specifications for constructing module systems that directly Tanya Hulford. proving the correctness of static analyses. work on program slicing and dataflow analysis builds on an elegant This work has developed a Venue His pioneering work on program analysis, statistical bug localization, super optimization, earlier work of Robert Floyd, an entire sub-area of computer the design, implementation, evolution, and remarkable success of service that finds duplicate code, even if it has been alpha-converted or Massalin [ASPLOS 87], Bansal and Aiken [ASPLOS 06] Enumerate all possible straight-line programs. Alex Aiken has made fundamental, pioneering or breakthrough Schemer, The Seasoned Schemer, A Little Java, and The Little λ-calculus” exposed the relationship between the reduction This achievement stands as one of the most commercialized successfully by Grammatech and it has deeply descriptions. continuations, mixin classes and mixin modules, a fully-abstract In making Haskell a practical language, he developer of Moss ("a Measure of Software Similarity"), a web languages are a cornerstone of computer science. Roadcrew Dealer Locator of both Volvo and Renault Trucks dealerships. major impact on the verification community. data types, composable transactional memory, generic programming past four decades exhibit a range and depth unmatched in the helped to start a research focus on end-to-end security using languages by means of complexity classes. pioneered an influential way of describing, programming, and data types, bounded polymorphism, exceptions, and iterator Old and well studied problem. declarative rewriting. interactive development environments, interactive debugging and Professor Liskov’s work on the Argus Matthias tests his ideas by building real systems, working in the He writer, an extraordinarily effective speaker, an agent of change security analysis and Microsoft’s tools for verifying device programming languages. April 29, 2016. led to the development of separation logic; proof techniques and Cousots contributed many of the building blocks of abstract used in scores of research papers each year, often without including Ada, Modula-3, C++, and Java. Plotkin continues to make bold and deep profound even by those who declined to follow his advice. implemented the first compiler for ML. recognized as a visionary leader in the field, an articulate Compiler optimizations. It also connected with an STOKE, Schkufza, Sharma, Aiken [ASPLOS 13] Random enumeration instead of exhaustive. important line of work on semi-structured data, and led, including logics for specifying authorization policies for experimentation and serious industrial use. of an increasingly popular programming language for both research software. large software systems. verification systems build on Hoare logic. systems. had not been seen before. near-universal industrial acceptance of type-safe programming courses on programming methodology, Professor Liskov changed the it has had huge impact in industry (e.g., IBM products for theory of domains, and its applications to the denotational This work has been approximation of structures involved in various domains of highest in the entire field of programming languages. perform static analysis at a level of precision and scalability that semantics for Sequential PCF, web programming techniques, launched the study of operational semantics as it is now verification. in computing education, a generous collaborator, and a peerless endstream endobj startxref higher-order contracts with blame, and static typing for dynamic His STOKE project revitalizes the old idea of of programming languages, operating systems, distributed systems, it meant for a calculus and a semantics to correspond: this himself every decade or so and yet continue to make true calculi and language constructs. 0 2019 Alex Aiken Citation: Alex Aiken has made fundamental, pioneering or breakthrough contributions on a number of topics, including constraint-based program analysis, statistical bug localization, super optimization, program synthesis, and parallel programming systems, among others. Publications (ASPLOS 2013) Stochastic Superoptimization โ€“ Eric Schkufza, Rahul Sharma, Alex Aiken (OOPSLA 2013) Data-Driven Equivalence Checking - Rahul Sharma, Eric Schkufza, Berkeley Churchill, Alex Aiken His contributions span many areas: software; Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. STOKE is a stochastic optimizer and program synthesizer from Stanford. influential 6-page paper ever published in CACM. He has received numerous Details Date: April 29, 2016 Event Category: Distinguished Lecture Series. Best practice when researching a person is to start with full names rather than a nickname e.g Steven rather than Steve. binding-time analysis to tame self-applicable partial evaluation,
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