Starts working in hours and is fully degraded in soil by micro organisms. Ready-To-Use ("RTU") formula. Product rating 2.5 out of 5 stars Write a review. Paying tree surgeons to remove stumps when they are felling the tree is the most convenient way to remove stumps. Children and pets can play on the treated area once dried. It won’t affect other trees or plants around it. Brand. It can be used along roads, fence lines, and various non-cropland areas to control aspen, ash, dogwood, hickory, and other tree types. Material. Quantity. About this product. Tordon will only kill any tree or plant that has been directly treated. Tordon 22K is the best leafy spurge control available and is an excellent choice for field bindweed. A. Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide is a ready-to-use product that is effective in cut surface applications for killing unwanted trees that are listed on the product label and preventing undesirable sprouting of cut trees. Super concentrated for tackling tough weeds. Chemical stump killers need to be applied to freshly cut wood, so are best applied immediately after felling. 85. No. Customer reviews & ratings. Fertilome or Tordon RTU? Some of them can be applied to certain areas of a tree, thus minimizing environmental damage to surrounding soil and vegetation. Home Delivery. Lawn. If I drill holes in a tree will Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide kill it? Back. Helpful . One … Do not contaminate water intended for irrigation or domestic purposes. 19. About this item. Ignore the "suckers" ( they look like young trees) and go for the main body ;once the TORDON takes hold , the whole plant root and all is going down and you will be rewarded with the gratifying sight of seeing the "suckers" shriveling and wilting like rotten celery on a hot sidewalk. Tordon RTU Specialty Herbicide effectively kills cut stumps when you are cleaning out fence lines and non-cropland areas. RTU548. Current price. £41.67 per KG. Kills and Rots Away Sprouting Tree Stumps. FREE Shipping. This stump killer chemical gets the job done. This chemical effectively kills stumps and woody brushes found around fence lines, non-cropland areas and roadsides. Clearance. No mixing or measuring required, just pour Tordon RTU into the convenient squirt bottle applicator, and start applying.Product Features:Ready to UseContro Use caution by following all safety precautions on the label. Roundup Tree Stump & Root Killer can be used to clean up weedy areas before planting vegetables, flowers, shrubs and to renovate overgrown areas. 0. If chemical stump killers are not an option, several homemade methods prevent tree stumps and roots from producing new trees. TORDON 22K. It was the only thing I've tried that worked! Simply cut the brush and spray the sides of the stump and the outer portion of the cut surface, including the cambium ring along the inner bark. Free P&P. United States. Just wondering which will be the most effective stump/ sucker killer for some Bradford Pear trees that we have cut down. 1. Tordon will kill the hardiest trees, I only recommend using this product if you know your tree stump is one of the more resilient trees. 4 stars. Free P&P . Roundup Tree Stump & Root Killer is inactivated on contact with the soil and is then broken down by micro-organisms in the soil to allow re-planting. Tordon is See all comments. item 3 Tordon RTU Herbicide Tree Stump Killer - Quart (12 Pack) 2 - Tordon RTU Herbicide Tree Stump Killer - Quart (12 Pack) £211.27. All necessary for Pest Control ----- Tordon Stump Killer Directions. The first one is to apply adequate amount of roundup at the bark of the tree. If the tree trunk is larger than 6 inches, the basal cut-stump method is a better control option. Country/Region of Manufacture. In some cases, however, the only viable option is to use herbicidal spray. RTU stands for Ready-To-Use, and that's just what it is.
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