In South Australia, Victoria and southern NSW it is generally River Red Gum. The oil has a diverse range of use. For the last 40 years I've collected my own firewood straight from the bush. When someone is getting red gum firewood for sale, it is necessary to ensure that the wood is a quality product that is dense in nature. This along with other elements present in the wood needs to be dried out before the wood can be burned. Once seasoned for the appropriate amount of time this wood gives off a fresh aromatic smell when burnt, some enjoy it and yet others don't. Properties of Australian Eucalyptus firewood species found in SA, Wholesale Firewood Suppliers South Australia, Ready to light and easy to ignite as compared to other timbers, Split and provided in a variety of manageable sizes – granny cut timber style, Produces more flame and lovely cosy ambiance, Easier to split and cut as compared to Redgum, Plantation grown and sustainable - not sourced from native forests, A comparable burn rate that gives off excellent heat, Burn density is as effective as better than Redgum, Less smoke emission than Redgum and is carbon neutral, South Australian sourced product and South Australian owned business. Gum . One reason is different varieties do better in different parts of the country – plant the wrong one for your area and you’ll probably lose it to frost or the wrong soil conditions. Hardwood and softwood are both needed to make paper. December 6, 2016. Really hard to judge BTUs but it’s got to be mid to high 20s over sugar less than hip hop. Here is what the Firewood Association of Australia have to say on this topic: “The answer depends to a large extent on what wood is available. However the heat it gives off is well worth the wait. As a reminder, we may receive a small share of the sale. Our gum firewood is a combination of red gum, blue gum it may also contain Australian hardwoods black wattle and sheoak casuarina. By mixing the wood it helps control the temperature, making sure it does not burn so hot that it damages your wood stove. In Tasmania, Brown Peppermint is considered best. Red River Gum is an iconic Australian timber prized for its brilliant red colour. Information on the best wood stoves from a variety of different manufactures. Eucalyptus oil is used mainly in the pharmaceutical industry in the making of cold and flu remedies. Discusses placement from your home and how to build the perfect backyard fire. Click here for more information. With this in mind, Firewood Solutions can provide it to you in waterproof bulka bags - each bag contains approximately ½ tonne of firewood. Pick up in Littlehampton. Learn more here! Before getting the red gum wood, one must ensure that the firewood comes from the right source and is capable of producing large, consistent flames for a long time. 100% Sustainable Redgum Firewood All firewood sold is fully seasoned and dry, never wet or green Slow burning, high heat output Redgum Firewood delivered Add to cart. Photos by Tom Brandt, Rob, mwms1916, and Travis. Approximately 1ton of wood and been stored in shed so nice and dry. For many years I lived in far east Gippsland where grey, red, and yellow box was available, also Messmate, Stringy bark, Peppermint, Silvertop, and several others, and also a type of red gum called Mahogany gum. Split firewood is sized to fit all standard wood heaters, open fires or outdoor fire places. First up we have American Elm. Blue Gum is a very sustainable product available for burning as a mixer or on its own. 0. These trees grow fast and require copious amounts of water. Our Redgum firewood is slow burning with a high heat output and 100% Sustainable. American Elm, and Red Gum. Seasoned firewood mixture of red and blue gum, and also olive tree wood which burns better than blue gum. Red and Blue Gum are extremely long burning woods. It is also excellent firewood. See the comparison table below for more information on how Bluegum compares to other firewood.

blue gum vs red gum firewood

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