How to Pick a Chicken Coop Hen House for Your Flock. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The raised living area and close-mesh run offer some protection against predators. It should be an easy job. The pitched roof above the living area is also hinged, allowing full access for cleaning, watering and feeding. Good plans should include material lists, helpful diagrams and drawings, easy to interpret step by step guides to help you through the process, This way you can source the lumber and other building materials yourself and save a bundle... even if you only have a little woodwork and building experience you will be able to follow these coop plans, This can be a great project for the whole family. Tip: Type ‘Chickens’ into their Seach Box to see all of their cheap chicken coops. Like so many of us, we know that you haven’t got time to build the darned thing from scratch, so we've pulled together ten of the best Cheap Chicken Coops that we could find online. But if neither of those options are your cup of tea, you can always build a super cheap coop with a few handy dandy tools. See also: 10 Ways To Upgrade Your Chicken Coop This website uses cookies to help improve your experience. You've probably seen cheap similar looking chicken coops for sale on eBay and Amazon. Want to save money on your coop? Access is good, with doors on the back and one side. If available, these coops are ready for immediate delivery. Can chicken coops be returned? This chicken coop isn’t only SUUUPER cute, but in addition really functional and simple to clean. Order online with credit cards or PayPal for amazing offers Yes, chicken coops can be returned and have a 180-Day return period. Pallets are pretty easy to find and set up, but there are a lot of gaps and holes you have to account for. Anyway, getting back on track, the key to finding the best price I thought was to find a company who had good buying power, a large company or organisation that could ship enough of these products that they could buy in bulk and discount them and this was what I came up with: These guys were new to the market 5 years ago and I have watched them grow steadily. There is a removable tray for cleaning and the coop can be locked. Free Shipping. Copyright text 2020 by Zacs Garden. For free delivery Order Now! The following two tabs change content below. Pawhut Green Wooden Backyard Poultry Hen House Chicken Coop. Product Title Zimtown large chicken coop 75" Backyard Wooden Chicken Coop Hen House Poultry Nest Box Hen House Cage - Natural/Green. So, how do you let chickens forage as well as keep them safe? The extra height lifts the roosting box way up above ground level. The Pros & Cons of Chicken Pens, and are They A Good Option for Your Flock? 298. 59. When we bought our farm, it came complete with many things, one of which as a chicken coop. As with most of the offerings at the budget end of the market, the in-built run is a little too small for your birds to forage effectively. The weight is around 132 pounds; the dimensions are 88 x 37 x 56.25 inches. Click here for the current price of this very affordable option. There is only one thing to do to prevent heartache if you regularly see foxes around: Keep your chickens in a fox proof poultry pen all of the time. The coop has all kinds of doors and windows – that’s great for access and ventilation, but it does make assembly a bit of a chore. A smart looking coop for a couple of hens, with easy cleaning and great ventilation. The droppings tray is kid-friendly, so daily cleaning isn’t too much of a chore. They offer free delivery to many areas. Buy quality cheap chicken coop for sale and have it delivered fast Australia wide. The one problem with doing this is that even larger chicken runs turn to mud very quickly in the time the hens are shut away. Your email address will not be published. I have always said “you get what you pay for” with chicken houses after seeing a number of really cheap chicken coops bought from Ebay that fell apart in the first 12 months of use and were far from fox proof, however somebody that I’ve got to know well set me a challenge by email a few months ago. There are some easy to follow chicken coop plans available to help you build exactly what you need. If you’re new to self-assembly it’s worth doing some up-front preparation to identify and label the various parts in this kit. Trixie tell us that this size is about right for two big chickens or four bantams. Click here to work out if you’d need extra predator protection on the tray or doors. There’s a large, wired air vent above the nest box that gives us a little concern. The Eglu stands out in terms of design and simplicity. See more ideas about chickens backyard, raising chickens, coops. $279.49. You may decide to add some custom vents and stronger fasteners after assembly. 17. It has a covered run built-in which is useful during bad weather and provides shade from the sun. A custom cover would be easy to fit. It’s delivered as a self-build kit requiring pretty straightforward construction. Pawhut Green Backyard Chicken Coop Available Here. Northampton & District Poultry Club Spring Show 2016. This model will house two fully-grown chickens comfortably, but the meshed run that comes with the unit doesn’t give the ladies much room to roam. Required fields are marked *. The wire-meshed run is definitely a tad small, but an extension kit is available from the manufacturer. The feet allow you to easily level the hut. This coop is made from treated timber. There’s a pull-out droppings tray for easy cleaning, and the living area roof can be propped open for access or ventilation. If you don’t want to spend that much, building your own coop is a much better option. Pets Imperial Chicken Coop With Nest Boxes, Pawhut Wheeled Tractor Hen House Chicken Coop w/ Run. It’s one of the simple luxuries that prepares a man for whatever hassles the day has in store. It has flap windows which can be propped open, and ventilation holes around the top. They offer free delivery to many areas. Pawhut 91-inch Wooden Rabbit Hutch/Chicken Coop with Large Outdoor Run. The overall dimensions of the unit are 64” long x 38” wide x 44.5” high. It comes with a moderate level of predator security, which is easy (and cheap) to improve. Really nice features! The coop is designed to be sited in a fixed position, so you’ll need to work out how to give your flock more space for foraging. They have increased the run size and upgraded the galvanised wire to 1.5mm thick.

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