Ironically, the cat’s name is Umut, which means hope in Turkish. Save-A-Pet. Separately, a British breed cat was rescued from the wreckage of the Meltem Apartment in Bayraklı district, where searches are still ongoing. K9 rescued a cat from debris in Izmir Teams handed the cat to its owner after breaking the walls and removing the wreckage. Shelter Dogs Who Saved Their Owners' Lives | Reader's Digest When she was adopted from a shelter, she paid the good deed forward by seeking out and saving sick and injured feral cats. The wounds of the cat, who trembled with fear and had all his nails torn as he struggled to get out of the debris, were cleaned with a bottle of serum. Hide Saved searches. K-9 Dog Saves Cat Trapped For 30 Hours Under Quake-Damaged Building Lakeisha Ethans October 29, 2020 Thirty hours after the 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocked the Turkish city of Izmir, a cat trapped under a collapsed structure, was detected, and rescued by a K-9 dog named, Bob, of the Search and Rescue Association in Turkey (AKUT). Noting that the owners of the cat have not been reached yet, the neighbor said that she would take the cat to the vet and have it treated. After a devastating earthquake in İzmir, Turkey, many were left helpless among the destruction. In shelters, every time a dog or cat goes to a foster home, it opens up a spot in the shelter for another pet in need. The search and rescue team looked for survivors near a two-story building that had collapsed. The tabby cat urges the dog on with an heir of authority exclusive to felines. Hero Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack May 14, 2014 00:55. The dog, named Bob, from Turkey ’s Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) noticed the cat during the night while … TNR is the only effective and humane solution for feral/stray feline overpopulation. The cat, who was stuck under the two collapsed floors of a building, was saved after 30 hours from the time of the quake. The Dog Who Rescues Cats is packed with touching photographs of Ginny and her feline family. Even so, she’s incredibly grateful for his hard work that saved her cat’s life. Britain on Dec. 2 became the first country to approve Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine for general use and said it would be introduced next week. Right away, the cat was given immediate medical care, which revealed that she only had minor injuries. Save-A-Pet in Grayslake, IL has pets available for adoption. Thanks to Bob’s dedication and quick thinking, Umut arrived home safe and sound. Learn more about Save A Dog in Sudbury, MA, and search the available pets they have up for adoption on Petfinder. Saving the humans in danger was no problem for Turkey’s Search and Rescue Association, but there were some smaller creatures that were easy to miss. Thankfully, the cat was alive and only suffered minor injuries. Bob the German Shepherd is a part of the search and rescue team, and he excels at his job. We provide life-saving medical treatment, food, enrichment and love to hundreds of animals every year. ... Find a dog Find a cat Find Other Pets. Should we all be so lucky to have such a loyal friend who jumps in to pull us away from bad decisions, whether it be dog, cat, human or otherwise. SAVE - A Friend to Homeless Animals. Photo: China Plus News/Facebook. 06/03/2014 06:21 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2014 No doubt you've seen the video of Tara the cat saving her human family member, a young toddler boy, from being mauled by a neighbor's dog. RELATED: Can Dogs Sense Earthquakes Before They Happen? Featured Image: M. Hakan ERİŞ Facebook. It was a traumatic experience that no animal should have to live through. There’s no doubt that this cat had plenty of hope during this difficult situation. "Jack is a hero. Cat saves boy from dog attack - video A boy in California has been saved by the family cat after being attacked by the neighbour's dog. Heartstopping CCTV footage taken at a neighbourhood in Brazil shows the boy standing near a brick wall, while a black mongrel fights with a small cat near a grey car. Call your veterinarian. A mild-mannered family cat named Tara saved Jeremy Triantafilo, 4, from a vicious dog attack. Any potential fosters or adopters are fully screened through vet, reference and home checks. Free shelter and nourishment are also provided for pets if their homes are damaged. Click for more from Wrapped in a blanket following the rescue, the cat was adopted by a neighbor living opposite the collapsed building. As rescuers picked her up, she trembled from head to toe uncontrollably. Bob the German Shepherd is a part of the search and rescue team, and he excels at his job. What a good boy! Today. SAVES promotes Trap-Neuter_Return (TNR) of felines as well as spaying and neutering of companion animals. By Melanie 10 Comments. Once you are able to approach the cat and get a general idea of her injuries, call your veterinarian. A random dog jumps in to save the cat’s life. Hide Saved searches. With the help of his team, he was able to pull the cat out of the rubble.

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