The correctness of the simulator is further verified by comparing the results computed from the CPN model with the results generated by the PIndex simulator. Computing Applications International Journal of High Performance DOI: 10.1177/10943420030174005 International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 2003; 17; 403 William H. Bell, David G. Cameron, A. Paul Millar, Luigi Capozza, Kurt Stockinger and Floriano Zini Optorsim: A Grid Simulator … This paper shows how to parallelize a compute intensive application in mathematics (Group Theory) for an institutional Desktop Grid platform coordinated by a meta-grid middleware named BonjourGrid. Q1 (green) comprises the quarter of the journals with the highest values, Q2 (yellow) the second highest values, Q3 (orange) the third highest values and Q4 (red) the lowest values. - Buy International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing, Vol 4 ISS 4 book online at best prices in india on Part II, Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference, APSCC 2008, Yilan, Taiwan, 9-12 December 2008, Software Engineering and Computer Systems - Second International Conference, ICSECS 2011, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia, June 27-29, 2011, Proceedings, Part III, Efficient Implementation of Symmetric Multistage Repackable Networks, Technology Acceptance Model Applied to the Adoption of Grid and Cloud Technology, Intelligent Industrial Data Acquisition and Energy Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks, Adaptive Routing Strategy for Large Scale Rearrangeable Symmetric Networks, A Semantic-Driven Adaptive Architecture for Large Scale P2P Networks, One Anchor Distance and Angle Based Multi - Hop Adaptive Iterative Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks, Adaptive Processor Allocation for Moldable Jobs in Computational Grid, Self-Configuration and Administration of Wireless Grids, Dynamic Rightsizing with Quality-Controlled Algorithms in Virtualization Environments, Migrating Android Applications to the Cloud, Performance evaluation of full diversity QOSTBC MIMO systems with multiple receive antenna, Personal Storage Grid Architecture: Consuming Cloud Data Space Resources, Network Architectures and Data Management for Massively Multiplayer Online Games, Risk Assessment for Cloud-Based IT Systems, Dynamic Dependent Tasks Assignment for Grid Computing, Single Attestation Image for a Trusted and Scalable Grid, Deep Analysis of Enhanced Authentication for Next Generation Networks, A Novel System Oriented Scheduler for Avoiding Haste Problem in Computational Grids, On Construction of Cluster and Grid Computing Platforms for Parallel Bioinformatics Applications, Parallelization of Littlewood-Richardson Coefficients Computation and its Integration into the BonjourGrid Meta-Desktop Grid Middleware, A Push-Based Prefetching for Remote Caching RAM Grid, A Method of 3-D Microstructure Reconstruction in the Simulation Model of Cement Hydration, Implementation of a Diskless Cluster Computing Environment in a Computer Classroom, A Grid and Cloud Based System for Data Grouping Computation and Online Service, Design of SOA Based Framework for Collaborative Cloud Computing in Wireless Sensor Networks, Harnessing the Cloud for Mobile Social Networking Applications, High Performance Computing Design by Code Migration for Distributed Desktop Computing Grids, Modeling Scalable Grid Information Services with Colored Petri Nets, Efficient Communication Interfaces for Distributed Energy Resources, GA Based Scheduling Model for Computational Grid to Minimize Turnaround Time, A Security Prioritized Computational Grid Scheduling Model: An Analysis, A Computational Grid Scheduling Model To Maximize Reliability Using Modified GA, Analysis and Evaluation of a New Algorithm Based Fault Tolerance for Computing Systems, Evaluating Heuristics for Scheduling Dependent Jobs in Grid Computing Environments, Using Machine Learning Techniques for Performance Prediction on Multi-Cores, Speculative Scheduling of Parameter Sweep Applications Using Job Behavior Descriptions, Rhotrix Multiplication on Two-Dimensional Process Grid Topologies, An Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems Using Task Duplication, Road Traffic Parameters Estimation by Dynamic Scene Analysis: A Systematic Review, Energy Efficient Packet Data Service in Wireless Sensor Network in Presence of Rayleigh Fading, Exploring Job Migration Technique for P2P Grid Systems, Predictive File Replication on the Data Grids, Performance Analysis of Sequential and Parallel Neural Network Algorithm for Stock Price Forecasting, Location Update Improvement Using Fuzzy Logic Optimization in Location Based Routing Protocols in MANET, Publication and Protection of Sensitive Site Information in a Grid Infrastructure, A Trusted Data Storage Infrastructure for Grid-Based Medical Applications, A Novel Replica Replacement Strategy for Data Grid Environment, Performance Evaluation of Reactive Routing in Mobile Grid Environment, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Information Resources Management Association, Advancing the Concepts & Practices of Information Resources Management in Modern Organizations, International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC), Web of Science Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI). It is widely recognised that scheduling m jobs to n resources with an objective to achieve a minimum makespan has shown to be NP-complete, requiring the development of heuristics. International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking is an ERA accredited research journal used as part of the evaluation of the ERA research rankings. We propose a novel security framework for securely handling privacy sensitive information on the Grid. Biological data exist in various web services that help biologists search for and extract useful information. In this research, the authors use a neural network technique for stock price forecasting of Great West Life, an insurance company based in Winnipeg, Canada. This leads to a re-thinking of implementation and deployment aspects of common components of the current Grid architecture. Grid supports heterogeneities of resources in terms ofsecurity and computational power. Biology databases are diverse and massive. This approach may effectively offload workload for Android applications even with low-speed mobile network. Knowing the risks of Cloud solutions, companies can execute well-informed decisions on going into the Cloud and build their Cloud solutions in a secure way, relying on a robust e-trust relationship. 359-374 2001 Sage Publications Address reprint requests to Jack Dongarra, Department of Com- subject: computer sciences; electronics and telecommunications. This study addresses the above-mentioned problem by describing and evaluating a P2P communication model, a P2P resource monitoring system and a job migration mechanism. By giving such an overview we aim at better understanding the role of supercomputers and Grids and their interaction. The primary mission of the International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) is to provide an international forum for the dissemination and development of theory and practice in grid and cloud computing. IJGHPC stands for International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing. Read International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing, Vol 4 ISS 4 book reviews & author details and more at The cloud computing model inherently enables information from social networking services Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so forth, context-based systems location, activity, interests, etc. Results of simulations presented in this paper indicate performance improvement of CR-QOSTBC over QOSTBC in flat fading channel environment. Distributed semantic-enabled architectures, which enforce semantic web technologies for resource discovery, could satisfy these requirements. Coverage includes protocols, security, scaling and more. The model schedules a modular job to those resources that suit the job requirements in terms of resources while offering the most reliable environment. A new composed method can update mobile nodes location when the nodes cross a grid boundary. BonjourGrid is a fully decentralized Desktop Grid middleware. subject: computer sciences; electronics and telecommunications. A Wireless Grid is an augmentation of a wired grid that facilitates the exchange of information and the interaction between heterogeneous wireless devices. IJGHPC is defined as International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing somewhat frequently. The results clearly indicate the improved efficiency of the proposed algorithm in comparison with existing algorithms. Performance Computing International Journal of High DOI: 10.1177/1094342006068404 International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 2006; 20; 517 Pushpinder Kaur Chouhan, Holly Dail, Eddy Caron and Frédéric Vivien ... from the grid for a better fit to the users’ expectations The presented mechanism has minimal impact on the network infrastructure and functionality and does not require any changes to the existing authentication protocols. The authors implement parallel neural network algorithms on both shared memory architecture using OpenMP and distributed memory architecture using MPI and analyze the performance of those algorithms. The proposed method uses a dynamic grid area that solves the ping-pong problem between grids. Tutorial and survey papers are intended for workers and students in the fields associated … This can be managed either through static geographical partitioning on the basis of the assumption that players in one region do not see/interact with players in other regions, or behavioural modelling based on players' behaviours. The use of Cloud Computing services is an attractive option to improve IT systems to achieve rapidly and elastically provisioned capability, and also to offer economic benefits. How is International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing abbreviated? Bibliographic content of International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing, Volume 6 Based on this P2P communication mechanism, they can develop job migration technology and then improve the usage of distributed computing resources. COPE Forum; eLearning; About … In this review, several works by researchers on traffic analysis are detailed, studied and reviewed critically for the purpose. In the authors' study, a modern file system developed in linux is proposed, which enables consuming of cloud applications and making the underlying disk space resource available to the end-user. The authors focus on the creation of a dynamic hierarchical semantic-driven P2P topology using the network's collective intelligence. Metrics and Abstracting & Indexing services for The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications The research established a valuable model to predict acceptance or rejection of grids or clouds. Impact of optimal packet size on average number of retransmission and total energy expenditure is analyzed for each delivery scheme. In order to achieve the objective of a platform for Free Software Teaching, DRBL is applied to the computer classroom, enabling PCs to be manually or automatically switched among different OS (operating system) of Windows, Free Software Teaching and PC Cluster. As an innovative grid computing technique for sharing the distributed memory resources in a high-speed wide-area network, RAM Grid exploits the distributed computing nodes, and provides remote memory for the usernodes which are short of memory. To increase resource availability and to ease resource sharing in such environment, We investigate the minimum number of bypass links required for different network sizes. A-AODV advanced ad hoc on demand distance vector has been compared with AODV in grid environment. Simulation studies compare the performance of this model with other similar models. The journal will cover all types of advanced architectures ranging from pipelined structures, array processors and multiprocessor systems. In a cement hydration simulation system, the basic requirement is to reconstruct the 3-D microstructure of the cement particles in the initial state while mixed with water. In cloud applications, one can see the importance of underlying resources, such as disk space, that is available to the end-user but not easily accessible. The simulation Data Grid is an infrastructure that manages huge amount of data files, and provides intensive computational resources across replacement strategy (ERRS). In this work, machine learning techniques are used to predict the performance on multi-core processors. International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing. Applications identified by parallel tasks can be represented by directed-acyclic graphs (DAGs). The authors investigate data storage and synchronisation methods for MMOG databases, mainly on relational databases. The architecture also significantly reduces the frequency of attestations, thus alleviating the TPM bottleneck. 1 International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing One-hop-chain-technique is used for Auto compensation. For each provider, it employs sequential pattern mining techniques, which adapts to the characteristics of memory page access sequences, on locating useful memory pages for prefetching. This paper introduces the closure problem and describes the design and implementation of a parallel and distributed closure prototype system running in an enterprise grid. Space Time Block codes (STBC) are used in MIMO systems to improve the performance by maximizing transmit and/or receive diversity. This method provides a low complexity solution, but with much better blocking performance than random routing algorithms. However, the heterogeneity of grid resources adds some challenges to the work of job scheduling, especially when jobs have dependencies which can be represented as Direct Acyclic Graphs DAGs. Among different schemes based on STBC, Quasi Orthogonal Space Time Block Code (QOSTBC) is able to achieve full rate transmission for more than two transmit antennas. An International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a unique code of 8 digits. ReviewerCredits srl. Scheduling refers to the assignment of these parallel tasks on a set of bounded heterogeneous processors connected by high speed networks. This paper develops adaptive processor allocation policies based on the moldable property of parallel jobs to deal with such situations in a heterogeneous computational grid environment. Such knowledge could be useful to create workloads to perform performance studies on multi-core processors. The objective of the journal is to serve as both the premier venue for presenting foremost research results in the area and … Additionally, special focus has been placed on the calculations pertaining to the network life time. Free delivery on qualified orders. Simulation results show that these methods are effective. [Emmanuel Udoh; Ching-Hsien Hsu; Mohammad Khan; IGI Global,; Information Resources Management Association,;] The sensor network acquires data pertaining to detection of leakage in a plant. The proposed scheduler selects the most suitable worker to execute an input grid task. Recently, smartphone technologies have evolved quickly and offered end users the computing power and networking capabilities required to perform useful network and multimedia applications. Because of noisy distance and angle measurements, the error propagation increases the size of regions of nodes in subsequent hops. The reliability estimates depict true grid picture and considers the contribution of the computational resources, network links and the application awaiting allocation. International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing The authors' definition of infinite storage as the user is able to mount file systems as a single logical drive. ISSN (electronic): 1938-0267. International journal of grid and high performance computing (DLC) 2008212510 (OCoLC)192137857: Material Type: Document, Periodical, Internet resource: Document Type: Internet Resource, Computer File, Journal / Magazine / Newspaper: ISSN: 1938-0267: OCLC Number: 192137946: Other Titles: International journal of grid and high performance … This paper introduces a new schema in management of mobile nodes location in mobile ad hoc networks. How the job scheduler handles such situations is an important issue which has the potential to further improve the utilization of grid resources as well as the performance of parallel jobs. The International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) examines current, state-of-the art research on all aspects of grid and cloud evolution, middleware, standards, API, economy, education, services, algorithms, collaboration, impact, instrumentation, security, portals, trends, challenges, models, work ˚ ow This system is developed as a web service to support cross operation system support. International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing, Vol 5 ISS 1: Udoh: Books The International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) examines current, state-of-the art research on all aspects of grid and cloud evolution, middleware, standards, API, economy, education, services, algorithms, collaboration, impact, instrumentation, security, portals, trends, challenges, models, work flow management, wireless systems, and high performance computing. Virtualization and partitioning are the means by which multiple application instances can share and run multiple virtual machines supported by a platform. The paper is twofold: It shows how to parallelize a sequential program for a multicore CPU which participates in the computation; and it demonstrates the effort for launching multiple instances of the solutions for the mathematical problem with the BonjourGrid middleware. Energy consumption for successful delivery of a data packet for each mechanism is evaluated and compared under several conditions of node density, bit rate, transmit power, and channel fading. This method is a new approach to concurrent error correction in fault-tolerant computing systems. The goal of grid computing is described as "to provide flexible, secure and coordinated resource sharing among dynamic collections of individuals, institutions and resources". The unmanageable amounts of data are transformed into a repository of semantic knowledge, transforming the network into an ontology of conceptually related entities of information collected from the resources located by peers. ... international journal of grid and high performance computing related issn: 1938-0267 country: united states. Description The International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) examines current, state-of-the art research on all aspects of grid and cloud evolution, middleware, standards, API, economy, education, services, algorithms, collaboration, impact, instrumentation, security, portals, trends, challenges, models, work flow management, wireless systems, and high performance … How is International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing abbreviated? Three approaches of using complex, re-fined job descriptions are discussed: a) single job description, b) multiple job descriptions, c) multiple job descriptions with mutation. This paper presents an enhanced one-pass AKA procedure that eliminates the repeated steps without affecting the security level, in addition it reduces the Denial of Service DoS attacks. 1 Using the Balanced Scorecard Approach to Appraise the Performance of Cloud Computing article The approach is known as Security Prioritized MinMin (SPMinMin). International journal of grid and high performance computing : IJGHPC ; an official publication of the Information Resources Management Association The worst are dropped, while the fittest chromosomes of the current generation are mated with the average fit chromosomes of the previous generation to produce off-spring. Multipath fading is inherent in wireless communication systems. 1 Using the Balanced Scorecard Approach to Appraise the Performance of Cloud Computing article Applications with stringent security requirement introduce challenging concerns when executed on the grid resources. Interactions between WSN, subscribers and other cloud are also presented as sequence diagrams. During the past years it was adapted for the integration of distributed energy resources into communication networks, however, with specific requirements. This modified protocol i.e. In this paper, the scientific work consists in starting from a model for the solution of a compute intensive problem in mathematics, to incorporate the concrete model into a middleware and running it on commodity PCs platform managed by an innovative meta Desktop Grid middleware. IJHPCN addresses the most innovative developments in high-performance computing and networking such as information and system architectures, grid and web based information … Whether you are currently performing experiments or are in the midst of writing, the following International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing - Review Speed data may help you to select an efficient and right journal … Deterministic algorithms exploit the rearrangeability property of Bene?s networks to ensure a zero blocking probability for unicast connections, at the expense of extensive computation. International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing book. Guidance Search through our collection of resources which make up all guidance issued by COPE. The algorithms are distributed and can keep scalability in the scenario of increasing nodes density . P2P Grids can potentially solve large-scale scientific problems by using geographically distributed heterogeneous resources. International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) / InfoSci Journals. Those challenges come from the underlying grid infrastructure, like security, resource management, and information services; the application data, data management, and the structure, volume, and location of the data; and the application architecture, monolithic or workflow, serial or parallel. Hence, it minimizes the turnaround time for a set of grid tasks. The proposed architecture is based on the concept of aggregated social graphs, which are created from harnessed information about how people communicate. Data Grid. International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing's journal/conference profile on Publons, with 18 reviews by several reviewers - working with reviewers, publishers, institutions, and funding agencies to turn peer review into a measurable research output. The proposed strategy has shown superb performance in terms of mean job time and effective network usage compared with the other two replication strategies, LRU and Economic under OptorSim simulation environment. In the current approaches to workflow scheduling,there is no cooperation between the distributed workflow brokers and as a result, the problem of conflicting schedules occur. This paper focuses on the configuration and administration issues of the wireless grid. Impact Factor. The performance of RAM Grid is constrained with the expensive networkcommunication cost. Find guidance; Flowcharts; Guidelines; Cases; Member resources COPE offers a wide range of member-only benefits and services. Three different information delivery mechanisms are investigated using regenerative relays with or without error correction capability. This article constructs a trusted Grid as a flat ring and decentralizes the functionalities of TPM across the ring. However, it is bounded by two factors: size of available storage and bandwidth of sites within the ISSN (electronic): 1740-0570. A free online mail account was used to demonstrate this solution, and an IMAP protocol to communicate with remote data spaces was used so that this method can mount onto any email system that supports IMAP. The goal of the journal is to capture the … Get this from a library! results show that ERRS successfully increases data grid performance. Jul 3, 2020. We also point out the potential of supercomputers in Grids for economic usage. Scheduling on distributed systems is an NP hard problem and grid being a wide heterogeneous expandable system makes scheduling even a tougher job. Country: United States Topics: Computer Networks and Communications ... Next Journal: International Journal of … The Journal of Supercomputing publishes papers on the technology, architecture and systems, algorithms, languages and programs, performance measures and methods, and applications of all aspects of Supercomputing. Volume 8, Issue 2. Cloud computing has emerged as a promising area to deal with participatory and collaborative data and services, and is envisaged that collaborative cloud computing WSN could be a viable solution for sharing data and services for WSN applications. The grid topology is highly flexible and easily scalable, allowing users to join and leave the grid without the hassle of time and resource-hungry identification procedures, having to adjust their devices or install additional software. It focuses on various approaches in Grid computing that either aim to replace supercomputing or integrate supercomputers in existing Grid environments. Although a number of heuristics are available for job scheduling optimisation, selecting the best heuristic to use in a given grid environment remains a difficult problem due to the fact that the performance of each original heuristic is usually evaluated under different assumptions. International License. In particular, we study repackable networks with more than three stages. Beginning with all content published in 2016, IJGHPC will be indexed and abstracted in Thomson Reuter’s Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI). 293–307 ... grid points, but … This paper presents a precise model to formulate the right-sizing and energy-saving mechanism, which not only minimizes energy consumption of the server but also maintains a service quality through the Mt/M/Vt strategy of queuing theory. In this paper we propose a hybrid assignment strategy of dependent tasks in Grids which integrated static and dynamic assignment technologies. One problem critical to the effective utilization of P2P Grids is the efficient scheduling of jobs. Through comparing various aspects of performance, including performance of Switch, Swap, this paper is attempted to find out the best Cluster environment in computer classroom at school. This paper reviews various approaches on data replication and region partitioning. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. However, the TC relies on a microcontroller Trusted Platform Modules TPM which has limited computing power and is doomed to be a system bottleneck. Continuous monitoring is becoming difficult. 6, No. No impact factor infomation for this journal. We are delighted to inform our authors that the International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) has been selected for coverage in Thomson Reuter’s products and services. A 2-D SEM/X-ray image is certainly achievable; however, it is not easy to obtain parallel images due to the small scale of the cement particles. 8, No. 284–300 DOI: 10.1177/1094342007086227 Grid computing came into existence as a manner of sharing heavy computational loads among multiple computers to be able to compute highly complex mathematical problems.

international journal of grid and high performance computing

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