Waseda Frontier Kids Montessori School(Shinjuku, Tokyo), Fujino Steiner Gakuen / Freie Fujino Steiner Waldorf Schule, Fukui International School (Fukui City, Fukui), Fukuoka International School, Fukuoka Prefecture, Funshine International Preschool (Ikebukuro, Tokyo), Gifu U’s med students learn from a computerized virtual hospital, Global Village International Preschool (Takatsuki city & Suita city, Osaka), Grace International Church School (Ome city, Tokyo), Grace International Learning Center (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo), Green Bear English Preschool and Kindergarten (Minami-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama), Green Hill International School (Koto-ku, Tokyo), Gregg International School (Meguro-ku, Tokyo), Griffon Academy (English Preschool & Kindergarten) Yokohama, Kanagawa, Groovy International Preschool (Fujidera-City, Osaka) and American International Elementary School or A.I.E.S. Two great articles here …, Why University of Tokyo is at the top of the educational hierarchy, Widening gap between first and second tier universities. ( Log Out /  Features & info on educating kids in Japan. Boarding School Q: Now why would you want to send your kid away? Any help would be appreciated. A CD-based math curriculum that provides complete solutions for ALL problems. Measles to remain problem as five-year vaccine plan falters, Kids’ personal alarms break easily, consumer center says, Modern media and the making of malfunctioning children, Naps boost memory so let your kids nap away…, National Institute of Infectious Diseases: No. Lesson files, worksheets, blackline masters, and storybooks are available for download. The news could be framed positively: Japanese elementary and lower secondary students held their own internationally as the curriculum changed. This book is a result of Lesson Studies of the past 50 years in Japan. Posted below with Daniel's kind permission, is his perspective on what works and what's great about the J-math (public school) curriculum. junior high school entrance exams, Entrance exams more competitive this year, more parents want kids to go to better schools amidst economic downturn, Experimental teaching measures to improve scholastic abilities of foreign children in J. schools, Focus Topic: Efforts are being made by Japanese middle and high schools to integrate more global elements into their curriculums with the International Baccalaureat (IB) program, Foreign student exodus / At least 4,330 have left due to quake, nuclear fears, Forestry curriculum for kids by Kochi U. agricultural department, Freedom to choose textbooks vs law on supplying free textbooks to public schools, Fukushima disaster followup: Radioactive cesium not detectable in 99% of Fukushima residents: study, Gov. 2010 Japanese University Admission for International Students, 74% of universities in Japan offer credits for work experience, A look at the absurdities of Japan’s tests for lawyers, nurses and caregivers, Addressing Readers’ Questions About the SAT and ACT, All about Hensachi and how it’s tied to school hunting and school choices. You can see how they meticulously developed the ideas, and they have specific connections with things that were taught in earlier grades. The pace at which mathematics is taught to all Japanese students at the junior high school level is roughly equivalent to the advanced Then somebody decided that they needed “experts” with Ph.D.’s to conduct the research, and teachers were turned into almost an occupational caste. . Math Is More group, a coalition of curriculum development projects, and the University of Maryland Center for Mathematics Education organized a national conference on The Future of High School Mathematicsto demonstrate and analyze progressive ideas about curriculum, teaching, assessment, and technology in high school and early college mathematics. Change ). But none of the three other teachers ever noticed it. What has messhi hoko got to do with education in Japan? Does a teaching approach that blends technology with traditional teaching methods work better than a purely traditional approach? There were certain things I tried to do in my teaching, such as illustrating ideas as concretely as possible and sequencing topics correctly or breaking complex topics into simpler ones and mastering each of those in sequence; things that should’ve worked, but never did seem to be that effective. NY Times Review of Steve Jenkins’ “JUST A SECOND A Different Way to Look at Time”, Parenting book review: How to Raise a Child, Publisher offers ‘textbooks’ for Ghibli anime, Readings on the Japanese Education System, Recommended Reads: The Great Cake Mystery: Precious Ramotswe’s Very First Case: A Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Book for Young Readers, Resources on the art of note-taking in Japanese education, Reviews: Yokai Attack! No need to be anxious about curriculum as well. Japan’s ‘exam hell’ now reaches into preschool: Language acquisition process vs. e-testing objectivity, Learning Styles of Distance Learners in Japan: Cultural Considerations – abstract and a review, Mainichi on the price of an education in Japan, Marsha Rosenberg on “Raising Bilingual Children”, Moral education: Japanese primary school songs and the values represented therein, Nobel laureates criticize the Japanese education system, NY Times opinion about what sort of homework makes the grade, On the hidden ideology and morality underlying entrance exams and the study of Japanese literature and literary analysis, Bullying behavior in Japanese schools – a discourse on ~, Bullying Behavior in Japanese Schools: Discrimination in a Homogeneous Society, Chiba city’s Board of Education works to combat school bullying and absenteeism, Gareth Lewis on school as a form of bullying and zero tolerance on bullying, Ijime Zero, an NGO campaign against bullying – in the news, Psychologist warns against turning bullies into criminals, TELEVIEWS / TV should focus hard on bullying, The Ijime Mondai in Japan vs. Worldwide Bullying Problem, The role of school nurses in detecting bullying and helping bullied victims, What parents can do to address/prevent bullying of their children & what to do if their children are bullying others, What to do when your child is being bullied in a Japanese school, Where to find statistics on bullying and related matters, In the news: High school suspends 9 over repeated bullying, Preschool-age exam preparation is spurred by explosion in primary schools affiliated with prestigious universities, Private school appeal: the track to elite universities, Prof. makes new discovery about brain hemispheres.

japanese high school math curriculum

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