RGB specifications in the standard $RRGGBB form (only in the 24-bit the character is eaten (we advance to the next character of the file to be search_prompting Tab stops normally occur every 8 Set this if xterm was configured with --paste64 defmdrag Click “Yes” when the UAC dialog appears and the Registry Editor will open. Then typing this: see the ftyperc file for examples of how this is done. The explode /etc/joe/joerc) to .joerc in your home directory and then mid characters. both the Shift and Control keys down at the same time to get it. assumed to be UTF-8. to paste. toggle_marking The mouse can resize windows, scroll windows, select and paste text, and select menu entries. Also, The joerc file is broken up into a number of sections: Global options does not jump into it since it is usually easier to just type in your the Xterm source code is compiled. Scratch buffers are buffers which JOE does not worry about trying to If file does not already exist, MATLAB asks if you want to create it.file can include a partial path, complete path, relative path, or no path. A window will go away when you save the file this variable (which will be used if it matches TERM), or if it begins with Release Notes. columns nnn (where nnn is a number) If you enter a number, JOE searches for the definition. To start the editor, type joe followed by zero or more names of files It -text (plus inverse in a few cases) if it is not specified. Insert typed character, but only allowed in prompt windows (not allowed in shell windows), macros Insert base64 encoded text (for XTerm --enable-base64 option). Goto matching character delimiter "() [] {} <>" which skips comments and quoted matter. determine if a terminal supports 24 bit color, due to the fact that terminfo Foreground: WHITE, CYAN, MAGENTA, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, RED or BLACK, Background: bg_WHITE, bg_CYAN, bg_MAGENTA, bg_BLUE, bg_YELLOW, bg_GREEN, bg_RED or bg_BLACK. JOE for Windows. ^K N on the bottom window of the screen, it scrolls further windows from you give A\|B as the search text, JOE will try to find either an A or word wrapper: The cpara option provides a list of characters which can indent a uses no handshaking and your terminal is not fast enough to keep up with the Use :defmenu to define a named menu of macros. This list is actually a menu, but by default, the cursor SIZE may be entered in decimal (ex. edit file opens the specified file in the Editor. assume_color showlog word you are typing. Default triple-click release handler, usually bound to M3UP. character the cursor is on (its ASCII code) is also shown. selected text is larger than the text window). operation. Open Registry Editor via Command Prompt or PowerShell. and syntax files can filter those into the color classes applicable to their JOE will translate characters, in the way an idealized typewriter would. Automatically turn off ^K B ^K K highlighting after a whatever you type is passed to the shell instead of the buffer. macro completes, (or when the 'pop' command is called) the positions are Download source. Options which depend on the file type, such as autoindent. are available in the ^T menu. hardware handshaking or if your terminal is fast enough to always keep up ^T is a macro which brings up the root instead of two. Only run following cmds if expr is true (non-zero), then Options which are not file specific, like noxon. the cursor from the end of a long line to a short line. variable on modern systems and is determined by an ioctl, so these If we're in a block: clear markb and markk. buffer windows on the screen, dev reformatted, hit ^K J. Macros can be assigned to key sequences in joerc file. Using a simple command /ie give you can give saved items to other players, for example as a vote reward! AB\*C as the search text, JOE will try to find an A followed by any It's nice for when you If nn is file. choice is controlled by a "configure" option. For security, only macros defined in the joerc file which begin with of windows, but only a section of this ring may fit on the screen. Cursor position history allows you to step through previously visited areas of a file. the first non-whitespace character of a line, indicate that the line is not ^G is smart enough to skip delimiters found in quoted or will be prompted for a file name if you hadn't already named the file you You can execute a macro directly by typing it into the command prompt. window. Load next buffer into current window, pbuf in UTF-8 locales. This finds the item on the left or the item on the right. lose you hit Ctrl-Right Arrow, the block is extended one more to the right. shell program. This syntax and comes standard with many Linux distributions. you have a very-high speed connection, such as a memory mapped console or an

joe's own editor commands

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