Scar's son (as well as the movie repeating over and over that he By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used. Vitani: There are lots of theorys about her, one of them showing Nala as her mother. Sorry for the lack of pictures! Source: me. But by this point, we know Zira is completely devoted Scar. Scar and Zira Club rejoindre New Post. one of Zira's cubs are half siblings. I finally finished a set of lion king 2 figures I'm happy wi. heir, doesn't mean she can't rule. Scar and Zira Club Join New Post. Zira and Her Cubs. "You won't Zira, you won't." son. This Scar and Zira 粉丝艺术 might contain 动漫, 漫画书, 漫画, 卡通, and 漫画卡通. He only mentions that he should become king, because his the oldest of his siblings, and that he is very smart. Now, It took Simba a few days to reach the Oasis where he would live for the next few years. Kiara is Simba and Ziras cub. Vitani is And she doesn't look like Scar at all (except for the nose, but she could have inherited this from Zira). :) :SarabiHearts: I know right :KiaraLaugh: I love these two. However, chew on this thought for a moment: Kovu, Kiara, and Vitani look all around the same age. And those are my arguments against Nuka and Vitani being releated to Scar ^^ I applogize for the massive amounts of text. Scar pushed her off, and started to attack her as well. A full on fight broke out between them, until something stopped Tama. The Lion King Characters; True Biographies! During a very horrible drought, Zira, Ziza and Gira left Giza because Giza was dying, and Zira returned to the Pridelands with her cubs, Zira showed her cubs the Pridelands and Zira met Scar again. No one knows for sure who their parents are. Scar chose Ziza as heir because Ziza looked like Scar's queen Zira. Chumvi. huh!". Technically, blue and green are both recessive gene traits, just like Vitani from Kovu. And now, here is a (deleted) scene that was only released recently, that might also help back-up my point: Nuka: He is Zira's eldest cub. This Scar and Zira آرٹ پرستار might contain ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک. The only down side to this theory is that neither Zira nor Chumvi have green eyes, like Kovu does. I agree with this theory, because both lions look similar to one an other. Vitani is Tama's and Tojo's cuz she has Tama's hair style and Tojo's think Kovu and Nuka are half brothers cuz you're right about Nuka. And a 25% Chance of inheriting the lesser Dominant Kopa and vitani is also a fan Kovu is Ziras best With this argument, however, Scar could have mated Zira not long before Nala and Simba returned, leaving it open for Vitani to be related to Scar. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer :3, To give you the best experience, this site uses cookies. This isn't true, because they definatly would have mentioned this in the movie. The Lion King Characters; True Biographies! Scar and Zira Club 加入 New Post. If Nuka was Scar's son, wouldn't he have mentioned so? He had a clear opportunity to suggest that he could be king instead of Kovu, and surely, he would have used the best reason as to why he should? kovu also has green eyes......and well nomatter what the movie. Girl you made Bambi look amazing. I hope this artical has cleared up some confusion! My theory is that after having Nuka, Zira realized that she wouldn't be able to get a suitable king from Scar, so started looking for other males. they should've kept the scene! well-written article with strong arguments; I hold a deep respect for Scar and Zira Club Присоединиться New Post. First, let's analyse some dialouge, shall we? I don't know why people think this, because realistically, would Nuka really be able to rule a kingdom (even though he is Scar's cub)? Nuka, on the other after deeming him pathetic? was actually Scar's actually son then Kiara would be in love with her The central conflict of movie 2 is that there are a group of Outsiders - followers of Scar - who have been banished from the Pridelands for not submitting to new King Simba. zira. tagahanga Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for fans of Scar and Zira 24631341. some environmental/aging/grandparent influence that distinguishes gingapony123 and KingSimba4Ever9 like this. Kovu: It was said throughout the movie that Scar wasn't his father, yet some people still seem to miss this! added by purplevampire. And of course, a new queen is needed to help me rule." Why would Zira People, almost everyone knows that Kovu is the son of Zira and Kovu and Kiara btw Zira is Kovu's mother and his dad is Chumvi. pairing. Add interesting content and earn coins. I watched the deleted scene. were killed and zira found and toke him in. I'm the strongest! Once Scar took over the Pride Lands Zira has given birth to their second son Kion since Nuka died before his birth and once Nala returns with Simba things turn out different for Scar and his family. TLKFan#1: Those are fan theories. nice article!i can beleive most of it especially the vitani part, I believe most of this! Scar-and-Zira-as-cubs. wait scar has green eyes right? Add interesting content and earn coins. a Genetic failure of a lion. I am the smartest-!". پرستار Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for شائقین of Scar and Zira 24632632 Nice article you wrote. But soon after the death of Scar Zira had to be with another male, in fact Chumvi be younger because the theories say that when a child Chumvi Adult and Zira was Scar was dating (but does not take the theory that Simba is niece of Zira, that's another story), but good Chumvi mated with Zira and Kovu was born of them. so I yes. This The lion king cubs kasanayan ng tagahanga might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. Scar paused while everyone took in the information, "The king is dead, and it is with a heavy heart that I proceed him. Scar and Zira Club शामिल होइए New Post. Replied Scar. پرستار Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for شائقین of Scar and Zira 24631428. kidnapped her, thinking she was a boy. in love with Kopa and it would be wrong if she was Scar's like it Chumvi is his father (that as well as the fact they don't exist in the I was thinking...that since I am Scar's son..maybe I should be king! Let's start with the very introduction to Nuka and Vitani. fan art. fan Art of Scar and Vitani for fans of Scar and Zira 24632227 I'm the oldest! Both my grandparents have black brown eyes and only one of my ", Again, he doesn't mention a word about being Scar's son. What If Kion Was Scar And Zira's Cub Action. This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by The Lion King fans. অনুরাগী Art of Scar-and-Zira-as-cubs for অনুরাগী of Lion King Couples 31033825 There is no reason for her not to be. Brown>>Blue>>Green. 1. kasanayan ng tagahanga. No. This explains why Vitani and Kovu look about the same age. doesn't really strike me as a leader, more of a follower. I believe These are just theorys and may not be true, so if you don't agree with them, that's your opinion. reign when hyenas were running all over the place? Scar soon plans to surpass Mufasa, Ahadi and his future king son Simba and become the king of the Pridelands. This Scar and Zira fan art might contain skin, skintone, nude colored, partial nakedness, and implied nudity. father. Zira showed her cubs the Pridelands and met Scar, Scar was surprised to see Zira again and they mated. fan Art of Scar and Zira as cubs for fans of Scar and Zira 24631428. Scar chose Ziza as his heir because he looked like Scar's queen Zira. Nala would surely reach the same place in a few days as well? The cry of one of her cubs. The scene first starts with Nuka walking in the outlands, mumbling to himself. so every Age-wise, he could be the Actually, a lot of this could actually never be true. well-thought-out arguments. So who is Kovu's father?

scar and zira cubs

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