By wallacerichards15 Watch. (Outsiders vs Lion Guard fight begin) (Except for Kiburi he went to look for Makuu.) Makuu is a young, slender, and well-built Nile crocodile with yellow eyes, green scales, and pale underbelly. He is a vulture who serves as a majordomo to Janja and now Jasiri, the leader of the hyenas who reside in the Outlands and reports anything to her. Kiburi hates Makini. Kion meets Jasiri 6. (Growls) Kiburi: Let's fight. Beshte befriends Hodari the gecko who wants to be a crocodile. The Lion Guard aid Makuu's float in defeating the Army of Scar. Makuu then uses his tail to knock Kiburi away. Makuu: Bring it! Tras varios intentos de Scar por recuperar las tierras del reino, optó por solucionar uno de los problemas desde la raíz. It is founded and lead in Season 2 by the spirit of Scar, who was resurrected by Ushari and Janja's Clan, and comprises of animals residing in the Outlands with grudges against the Lion Guard and the Pride Lands as a whole. Arrogance / Pride When the Lion Guard accidentally wakes Makuu's float from hibernation, Makuu informs them that his float must find enough water to survive the dry season. Together, the Lion Guard and their Pride Lander allies storm the watering hole and fight off the Army of Scar. But when Simba arrives, he is fully aware that Kiburi was behind the plot, which the Lion Guard foiled. Makuu's float awakens from hibernation due to the Lion Guard's activities. When Makuu wins the Mashindano, he allows Simba to banish Kiburi and his followers from the Pride Lands, while he and his float return to their new watering source, forgiving Ono for his accident. The Lion Guard spreads out, accepting help from several of Ma Tembo's herd members, while Ma Tembo leads the rest of the herd out of the valley. After being woken up by The Lion Guard and losing the Mashindano to Makuu, Kiburi gets kicked out of the Pridelands and joins Scar's army. -Makuu to Okereke Makuu is a male crocodile. Kiburi is also very disrespectful and ill-mannered of Makuu's authority, just like Makuu did not respect the authority of the previous crocodile leader, Pua. Don't matter whose in charge, my crocodiles can fend for ourselves, it's the crocodile way. Kenge and Kiburi are a relationship Scar sent his army to finish the The Lion Guard once and for all. He is also aware of Kion's power and will do his best to avoid coming into contact with it but still wishes for revenge. Kion submits to Makuu's request and leads his team away from the float, unaware that Kiburi is watching from the shadows. After the Lion Guard spoiled his evil plot, Simba became enraged. Makku's Float (formerly known as Pua's Float) is a float of crocodiles and gekko that reside in the Pride Lands. ===Cave of Secrets=== Makuu's Float can be seen on a cave painting in the … Kiburi is a major antagonist of The Lion Guard. He also serves as a major antagonist of Season 2 and as a supporting character of Season 3. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. Although Makuu is willing to listen to the Lion Guard's suggestions, Kiburi is not so willing. Makuu's Float (formerly) Pride Landers (formerly)OutlandersKiburi's FloatArmy of Scar (formerly) Later, he and his float trap the Lion Guard in the volcano, with the rest of Scar's army. 1 Plot 2 Trivia 3 Pilot 3.1 Season 1 Episodes 3.2 Season 2 Episodes 3.3 Season 3 Episodes Bubble Guppies' Adventures of The Lion Guard is the origin of the Bubble Guppies' adventures. The stampede causes the cave to tremble and wakes up the entire float. He has some light green spots running along his back, and small black claws. He laughs at the cub, who strikes him twice more, ultimately defeating him. The outlanders resurrect Scar 10. Not long after the plan was foiled, Kiburi lost the Mashindano, and, with Makuu's permission, Simba banished Kiburi and his followers for trying to murder him, not wishing to take any second chances. Makuu: Kiburi Simba banished you from Pridelands and now you came here to attack me! He was a member of Scar's army. Scar orders them to destroy the Kilio Valley and Ma Tembo and her herd tried to save their home but it was too late. Having seen his bravery, Makuu accepts Hodari as an honorary crocodile and member of the float. Njano is an ally of Kiburi. Meanwhile, the Lion Guard tries to warn Makuu that Kiburi is lurking in the Pride Lands, but Makuu insists that his float can care for itself. He watches at Kiburi and his followers banished into the Outlands. This story contains Vore *It was a sunny and normal day in the pridelands and I (Lion club) was walking to Makuu's lake to see Makuu* *Once I got there Makuu wasn't there* Me: Makuu where are you? As Makuu and his float sleep, the Lion Guard unknowingly drives a herd of antelope into a canyon close to their sleeping cave, which awakens the crocodiles. Makuu becomes leader of the crocodile float 7. However, both tremendously want the Pride Lands for taking and obey Scar hoping it’ll one day happen. Kiburi is a crocodile who appears in the Disney Junioranimated seriesThe Lion Guard. Hodari already knows about the Traditional Crocodile Initiation Spar, and Kiburi calls forth Tamka to challenge him. They return to the Pride Lands once more, waiting for the Lion Guard to leave Makuu's float. But Kion proceeds to use his Roar of the Elders, sending Kiburi and his float back home. Whilst Makuu is still grateful for the compromise, Kiburi challenges him to a Mashindano for leadership, to which Makuu agrees. Running along the end of his tail is green stripes. Sportsmanship like that won't win you the Pride Land Games." Makuu: Bring it! Mzingo and Chungu are on good terms since they both work for Scar. Makuu scolds him for disobeying him and reminds him he was talking to Simba to get help finding the water they need. After warning Kiburi, Makuu leaves to speak with King Simba and orders his float to stay put until his return. Malicious Misnaming: Tamka tauntingly calls Kion "Lion Cub" after ramming into him to stop him from saving Makuu, to mock both the Lion Guard's title and Kion for his young age. Nicknames He is one of the three tertiary antagonists of Legends of the Lion Guard: Protectors of the Pride Lands, with Reirei and Mzingo. He is also a member of the Army of Scar and one of Mac's archrivals. Zigo, Zito, Mtoto, Mtoto's Mom, and Johari. It could be Kiburi and his followers. Kiburi's float joins Army of Scar 11. Upon noticing that Simba has vanished, he proudly announces that his crocodiles took down King Simba during the Mashindano and that the Pride Lands now belongs to the crocodiles. The Lion Guard manages to calm the antelope, but Makuu and his float emerge from down below and explain that crocodiles cannot go back into hibernation after being woken up.

the lion guard makuu vs kiburi

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