Metro Pass details All Metro Passes are good for unlimited rides on Metro bus and rail. Adult(12+) ¥ 19,790 ¥ 20,790: Reserve online: Children(6-11) ¥ 9,870 ¥ 10,390: Reserve online: Welcome Rail Pass 2020: Recommended for foreign residents of Japan! Skip the worry of missing out by pre-booking your admission. Tokyo Metro fares range from 170 to 320 yen depending on how far you travel. Student/Commuter Railway Pass. - Not applicable to the credit card with PASMO features (2) Other IC card tickets than PASMO Not applicable to other IC card tickets even if they are valid for the Tokyo Metro lines. Information, See Tokyo Compare with subway deals. 1-Day Open Tickets, including the Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket. A return transfer from Narita Airport is over ¥2.600 and a one-day metro and bus pass in Tokyo costs around ¥1.590. with Tokyo Metro. Routes from the airports to downtown Tokyo, and airport access bundled with the Tokyo Metro 24-hour and other tickets. Pink-colored ticket vending machines at Tokyo Metro stations (except Kita-senju station (Hibiya Line), Naka-meguro, Nakano, Nishi-funabashi, Yoyogi-uehara, Wakoshi and Shibuya stations (Hanzomon Line and Fukutoshin Line), and Meguro station), or at Tokyo Metro Railway Commuter Pass Ticket counters (except Nakano, Nishi-funabashi and Shibuya stations (Fukutoshin Line)), Valid for one day, specified by the customer within one month from the purchase date, from the first train to the last train of the day, PASMO (Adults and children. Happy travels! Book a 24-hour, 48-hour, or 72-hour Tokyo Subway Ticket for unlimited travel around the city. Just buy a few of these and activate them at times when you expect to use the subway heavily for three days. A ticket valid for one day of unlimited rides on all Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines. Tokyo Metro All-line Pass. * 800 ¥ (5.70 €) for the Tokyo Subway 1-Day Ticket (instead of 1 000 yen) In this case, Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway handling fees will be charged. By air - Tokyo has two airports: Narita Airport handles the majority of international flights and only a small number of domestic flights. Refunds are available for unused tickets that have yet to expire. We’ve found the Tokyo Metro 1-Day pass to be the most useful, as it costs just ¥ 600 yen and opens up unlimited rides on all Tokyo Metro lines, which are: the Ginza, Marunouchi, Hibiya, Tozai, Chiyoda, Yurakucho, Hanzomon, Namboku and Fukutoshin lines. There is a three-day pass, called Tokyo Subway Ticket, available to tourists for 1500 yen (which comes out to 500 yen per day or less than your monthly pass) that DOES cover both Metro and Toei lines. The subway system is managed by two companies, namely Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway systems. It is not good on Rinkai Line or, perhaps more importantly, the JR Lines--severely limiting your transportation options. We used the metro quite extensively whilst in Tokyo in early Feb, making use of the Tokyo Wide Pass. * Not applicable to the following IC Card tickets (1) Some of the PASMO - Not applicable to the Commuter Pass PASMO (If you already have a Child PASMO, you cannot purchase another Child PASMO.) Tokyo Metro service is widely operated through Tokyo's 23 wards and offers a wide range of 1-day tickets useful for sightseeing in the center of Tokyo. Price. The day pass Tokyo Free Kippu (1 590 yen) allows you to use the metro as well as the JR lines. Make an application to purchase tickets at a branch that handles school trips at one of the agencies listed above. 4Common One-day Ticket for Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway Cr: พาสที่ใช้ได้กับ Tokyo Metro และ Toei Subway แต่ใช้กับรถไฟเครือ JR ไม่ได้ และใช้ได้วันเดียวเท่านั้นนะ Flexible 5-day pass used within 14 days of issuance. Valid for one day, specified by the customer, from the first train to the last train of the day for all lines of Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. We used the metro quite extensively whilst in Tokyo in early Feb, making use of the Tokyo Wide Pass. Adult: 1,600 yen, Child: 800 yen. Travel conveniently around Tokyo through Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines for 1-3 days Tokyo Subway Pass grants unlimited access to 13 different routes with over 250 metro stops covering most of the city Claim your pass at these pick up points: Narita or Haneda airports, Harajuku, Osaka, or Nagoya Picture from Nikko - Aizuwakamatsu: A 2-Day Samurai Course For The History Books *A separate fee is required in order to ride limited express trains. Tokyo Subway Passes. (A magnetic railway pass can be used by whoever possesses the card, while a PASMO card pass can only be used by the person registered on the card.) Tokyo Metro Commuter Pass ticket offices (except Nakano, Nishi-funabashi and Shibuya stations [Fukutoshin Line]), Valid for 24 hours after first use within 6 months of purchase, Valid for 24 hours after first use on the day of purchase(Please be aware that the ticket will become invalid if not used on the day of purchase.). The Greater Tokyo Pass (a 3-day hop-on-hop-off ticket usable on lines operated by 12 private rail companies and 52 bus companies within the Kanto region, including the Tokyo Metro), tickets combined with the Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass 2017 (a pass for free or discounted entry to over 90 facilities situated along the Tokyo Metro Lines unlimited travel area), etc. Applicable only to PASMO card. A ticket for the fast and comfortable Skyliner limited express, connecting Narita Airport to the heart of Tokyo in as little as 41 minutes*1, and the Tokyo Subway Ticket, which allows users to freely ride any Tokyo subway line for 24, 48 or 72 hours, all at a specially low priced set. Fares. Refunds will incur a 220 yen handling fee. Convenient prepaid and rechargeable transportation card that can be used at ticket gates and can also be used as electronic money. The pass is still a good deal. Can only be purchased by junior high school, high school and vocational school students, school staff and tour conductors. Tips for Using Bypass the long ticket lines and head straight up to the top for 360-degree views of Japan's capital. Tickets can be bought in advance or on the day. Subway stations cover almost all JR stations in central Tokyo, so you can avoid using JR lines if you want, though, I'm not sure the effort is worth it.. 1-Day Pass : Valid for 1 day on first tap. If you will use JR pass, JR East Pass or Tokyo Wide Pass, these passes cover this area. Re: 1 DayPass, 2 daypass, 5 daypass for Tokyo Metro. Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket Valid for one day, specified by the customer, from the first train to the last train of the day for all of the Tokyo Metro lines. Tokyo Metro Day Ticket: ¥ 600 (US$ 5.70) Toei Day Ticket: ¥ 700 (US$ 6.70) Day Ticket for both networks: ¥ 800 (US$ 7.70) If you get a pack of 10 tickets you get an extra ticket for free. * Please get the designated Tokyo Metro application form from the person in charge of school trips at the travel agency then fill in the required fields and return the application form at least 7 business days before the start of the school trip. You can freely take Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines which offer subways running … Effective for 24 hours after starting usage. Tokyo Metro's 1-Day Tokyo Subway Passes Tokyo has two subway operators: Tokyo Metro and Toei. A ticket allows unlimited rides on Tokyo Metro for 24 hours from first use. This means, for example, that you cannot take the Toei Subway Mita, Shinjuku, Oedo, Asakusa lines. A one day pass for unlimited use of Tokyo Metro on one calendar day is available for 600 yen. Want to be more deserved a valued fare within the same fare zone.Tokyo Metro can offer various discount tickets that suit your style. Information regarding special benefits such as discounts when you show an eligible discount ticket to various spots around Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway stations. Tokyo Metro, Route/Station On sale at all stations. On the cards While VAT has doubled in Japan, the Tokyo Subway is offering new favorable rates on day travel cards: Tokyo Subway Day Ticket, which allows you to take all lines of the Tokyo Metro and Tôei networks, is now available for 1, 2 or 3 days. Refunds are available before tickets are used and have yet to expire. From a vending machine, of course! The Tokyo Metro All-line Pass allows you to take unlimited rides on all Tokyo Metro lines as long as the pass is valid. One word of caution: some of these become other lines after a certain point—and you’ll have to pay extra to use them. Tokyo Metro and the Bureau of Transportation of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Will Jointly Carry Out Subway Manners Awareness Campaign September 11,2019 "Tokyo Metro--The Underground Mysteries 2019"Puzzle-Solving & City Exploration Game event August 9,2019 PASMO PASSPORT Launches Sunday, September 1 July 18,2019 This was, however, quite confusing as the pass only allowed access on some lines and not on others. A ticket allowing unlimited rides on Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway, Toei Streetcar (Toden), Toei Bus (except for buses with fixed seats, etc. In this case, Tokyo Metro, JR and Toei Subway handling fees will be charged. Fares differ according to age and are categorized as Adult, Child, Toddler and Infant. You are referring to a special offer to foreign visitors landing at Narita. Tokyo Metro: Tokyo Metro Commuter Pass ticket offices (except Nakano, Nishi-funabashi and Shibuya stations [Fukutoshin Line])Toei Subway: Toei Subway station offices (except Oshiage, Meguro, Shirokanedai, Shirokane-takanawa and Shinsen-Shinjuku stations), Ticket machines at Tokyo Metro stations and Toei Subway stations, Valid for one day within 6 months of purchase.

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