(MY 135), Değirmende doğan sıçan gök gürültüsünden korkmaz. Ataların bir sözü bin öğüde geçer. I’ve never felt that I use (or even know) many proverbs in English, but Iranians tend to toss Persian proverbs around in everyday conversation. A baby raven is a phoenix in the eyes of its parents. This novel was translated from English to Persian by Rastegar in1994. –arab proverb . There will be many who will give water in rainy weather. (MY 357), Yaman komşu, yaman avrat, yaman at, birinden göç, birini at, birini sat. One gets enough of a beautiful face in forty days, but one does not get weary of a good disposition in forty years. He who makes others weep will not laugh himself. This Persian to Turkish-language translator software is a useful program that will help you to translate the word and text as well as from Persian to Turkish and vice versa. Persian to Turkish Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. If he does not know how wide it is, he will jump, and six times out of ten he will make it. When it matches the situation, a proverb is said without any other commentary because it just says it all. He who is afraid of wolves will not become a shepherd. Man is born with one hope and dies with another. This novel was translated from English to Persian by Rastegar in1994. (MY 111), Terziye “Dinlen” demişler, ayağa kalkmış. – from Persian كاروان  kārvān (same meaning). Who has not had a taste longs to do so, but for whom has tasted then the longing is a hundred times more. Comprising a land area of 1,648,195 km2 (636,372 sq mi), it is the second-largest nation in the Middle East and the 18th-largest in the world. The lover who gives you her body but not her heart is generous with thorn less roses. Like an ostrich he shows his wings when it comes to carrying a load, and his legs when it comes to flying. (MY 148), Fare deliğine sığmamış, bir de kuyruğuna kabak bağlamış. Our real grave is not in the ground but in men’s hearts. (Not all and not only old men with beards are wise.). (MY 33), Güzeli güzel diye sevmeli, çirkini Allah için sevmeli. (MY 26), Ağacı güzel gösteren yapraklarıdır. (MY 32), Yüzü güzele kırk günde doyulur, huyu güzele kırk yılda doyulmaz. When the cat and the mouse agree, the grocer is ruined. A wolf’s repentance died a long time ago. Human translations with examples: uwi kana dito, ilonggo kawikaan. If he leaves it, it’s ugly. There is nothing that will not suit a beautiful woman. Some Persian proverbs about love date back 1,000 years. Some examples are provided below with its direct translation and with its meaning: (Do not search for a calf under a bull.) here are some turkish proverbs ...although a lot are in a universal idiom still there are many that are unique to Turkish thinking Okuz altinda buzagi aranmaz. This, however, can be a mistake. (MY 65), Zaman sana uymazsa sen zamana uy. A stray dog becomes the master of a desolate house. You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink. (MY 234), Öpülecek yanak dudağa yakın gelir. One sin is too much, a hundred prayers are not enough. I can only get better if I have good friends. Little wit in the head makes much work for the feed. (MY 148), Kedi beslemeyen fareleri besler. (MY 318), Beni sokmayan yılan bin yaşasın. Do goodness and throw it into the sea; if the fish know it not, God will. (MY 243), Deniz kadın gibidir, güvenmek olmaz ha. – from Persian پنجره  panjere (same meaning), – from Arabic وْسِم  mawsim (same meaning). The Indefinite Enclitic; Interrogatives (5 W’s & H) Nouns. If the cat cannot reach the liver, he would say, “Today is a fast day”. Knowledge must not be in books but in practice. (MY 235), Aşığı sevdadan geçirmeye say, deryayı kurutmaya say gibidir. (MY 144), Delinin yüreği ağzında, akıllının dili yüreğindedir. The bride who wears four petticoats has a lot to hide. His ears do not listen to what comes out of his mouth. ‘The adventures of Pinocchio’ is a novel written by Collodi (Pseudonym of Carlo Lorenzini) in 1988. It is a real compliment that comes from an enemy. Work is twice done by the man in a hurry. He who keeps his worries to himself can find no remedy. A blind man does not see, he senses; a deaf man does not hear, he makes it up. Persian proverbs A[edit] .از این گوش میگیرد, از ان گوش در میکند Az in guš mi-girad, az ân guš dar mi-konad. There is no forest without crooked trees. When a cat wants to eat her kittens, she says they look like mice. You can close the city gates, but you can’t close the people’s mouths. Your clamours echo in the ears of timeEnduring, continuing, and eternal,The Islamic Republic of Iran! (MY 33), Güzellik ekmeğe sürülüp yenilmez. Thanks. It’s better to flee and stay alive than to die and become a hero. These Turkish Proverbs are ones that contain wise words. Çıkmayan candan umit kesilmez. If you tell the truth too early, you are laughed at, too late and you are stoned. A man does not lick up what he has spat out. Turkish to Persian Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. This shows that proverbs reflect local culture. – from Arabic شريعة  sharī‘a (same meaning). The value of a coat becomes clear when it rains. (If things went well once before, they’re sure to go well for you again.). (MY 391), Sakal ile olaydı kişi keçiye danışırlardı. – ata = ancestor, father – öğüt = advice, tip; sermon. A snake can change its skin but not its disposition. The full slices too thin for the hungry man. If it (gratefulness) comes not from your hand, at least let it come from your tongue. How to say Proverbs in Persian. That shouldn’t be surprising considering that Persian culture is made up of many cultures.Each of these cultures offered its own wisdom and their combination created a splendid and interesting society. 3.Take no painزحمت نکش. Had it been with the beard that wisdom dwelt, folks would have taken counsel with the goat about all business. The root م و ل‎ (m-w-l) then developed denominally.” (Wiktionary). He who feeds the hungry, remains not hungry. If they pull one hair from each beard, there will be enough to make a beard for the one who has none. With a sweet tongue of kindness, you can drag an elephant by a hair. ), – from Arabic قُِمَار  qimār / qumār (same meaning). He who has seen the moon has no regard for the stars. The fool’s excuse is bigger than the mistake he made. It is the mountains that do not move to help one another; but one man surely comes to the help of another. Even bread can’t be swallowed without chewing. Consult your purse, then start bargaining. Proverb (English to Persian translation). 1. Easily find the right translation for Proverbs from English to Turkish submitted and enhanced by our users. Once I had the strength but no wisdom; now I have the wisdom but no strength. – from Arabic مخصوص  makhṣūṣ (same meaning). (MY 18), “Ne oldum” dememeli, “Ne olacağım” demeli. What is brought by the wind will be carried away by the wind. (MY 223), Çamura düşene yol gösteren çok olur. ), Baş yastığı, baş derdini bilmez. As a fool never weeps, a wise man never laughs. (1. 4) a new language is a new life. (MY 201), Acıkan ne olsa yer, acıyan ne olsa söyler (MY 202), Aça dokuz yorgan örtmüşler, yine uyuyamamış. This, Whoever has no children has no light in his eyes.~ Iranian Saying. It is not shameful to have gone on a wrong road, it is shameful not to turn back. (MY 225), Sonradan gelen devlet devlet değildir. Giving without getting is only what God can do. – from Arabic دُنْياء  dunyā (same meaning), – vız gelmek  = to leave cold, not care at all. Blood will not be washed away with blood, but with water. (MY 389), Akıl bir vezirdir, gönül bir padişah. If you spit toward heaven it will fall back on your face. – toplamak  = to collect, to gather; to add. Do not take a heavy burden, otherwise you will hurt your back. Treating one who is no man at all like a gentleman, is like pouring rose-water on a dog’s face. (A person who is experiencing a lot will eventually experience trouble as well.). – from Persian جگر‎  jigar (same meaning), The mind is a vizier and the heart a sultan. Acele i e eytan kar r. Literal translation: The Devil would intrude upon hurried work. in arabic: من تعلم لغة قوم أمن مكرهم. The earth is a host who kills his guests. However much it snows it does not last till summer. Every fault that a Sultan pleases can be a quality. You can translate text and letters from Turkish to Persian and from Persian to Turkish back. Translate Proverb to English online and download now our free translation software to use at any time. Persian to Turkish Translation tool includes online translation service, on-screen keyboard for major languages, back translation, email client and much more. (MY 237), Aşk başta karar etse akıl firar eder. (MY 283), Allah garip kulunu sevindirmek istediği zaman önce eşeğini kaybettirir sonra yine buldururmuş. Eyes are the window to look into the heart. You don’t put a wooden pot on the fire twice. This paper has examined the translation of 100 proverbs from English into Persian according to the notion of equivalence. “May they grow old with one pillow” Kind of like telling couples to never go to … If the Sultan demands five eggs, let his soldiers roast a thousand chickens. When a stone hits glass, the glass breaks. Easily find the right translation for Proverbs from English to Persian submitted and enhanced by our users. (MY 204), Açlıkta darı ekmeği baldan tatlıdır (MY 204), Cami kapısını bilmez, sofuluk taslar. The light in the eyes of the believers in justiceBahman is the zenith of our faith.Your message, O Imam, of independence, freedom,is imprinted on our souls.O Martyrs! (MY 212), Ağaca balta vurmular, “Sapı bedenimden” demiş (MY 216), Ayı yavrusunu severken öldürürmüş. Dear friends and lovers of the Persian language, a couple months ago, we here at Chai and Conversation quickly put together a list of Persian sayings we thought sounded quite humorous when literally translated into the English language. One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it. Giving advice to the ignorant is like the rain falling on muddy ground. Every beauty is beautiful but what the heart loves is more beautiful. Do not cry for the dead but for the living. No matter how tall a tree grows, it never reaches the sky. Jump to navigation Jump to search. PDF | The present research comparatively analyzes the conceptual metaphors in English, Persian, and Turkish emotional proverbs. He who tells the truth is chased out of nine villages. The proverb says, “Two captains will sink the ship”. (It is very hard to extract possessions from the powerful), – from Persian شكار  šekār (hunt, hunting; prey), They asked the greedy if he would go to hell, he said, “What’s the salary?”, – from Persian طمعکار  tamakār (same meaning) from Arabic طَمَع  ṭama’ (greed), – from Arabic جهنّم  jahannam (same meaning), – from Arabic مَعَاش  ma’āš (same meaning). – from Persian خاطره  khātere (same meaning) which comes from Arabic خاطرة  khāṭira (intellect, mind, opinion). As soon as a man gets new trousers, he thinks about a new wife. He himself was unwelcome, and then he brought a friend along. (The means must be appropriate to the task. When I am dead the world can be an ocean or a dried up ditch. ), – from Arabic فأرة  fa’re (same meaning; collective noun). ), They say to a wealthy man, “Yes, sir!” and to a poor man, “You are mad!”, (one law for the rich, and another for the poor). We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. Write kindness in marble and write injuries in the dust. Noun as a Predicate; Numbers. By the time the thick get thin, the thin will have worried. (MY 149), Keseye daniş, pazarlığa sonra giriş. (A person’s friends or family don’t know his real troubles). If you do not howl with the wolves you become a prey to the wolves. From Wikiquote. (The beauty of the Persian, which is lost in the English translation, lies mainly in the assimilated words بِكشد bekeshad and بُكشد bokoshad.) Two captains sink the ship. Don’t scold your wife or she’ll poison your soup. Thinking well is wise; planning well, wiser; but doing well is the wisest and best of all. A beggar will always be a beggar even if they give him the whole world as a gift. See Wiktionary. (MY 367), Doğru söyleyeni dokuz köyden kovarlar. (MY 192), Karga mandayı babası hayrına bitlemez. (MY 33), Her güzel güzeldir, ama canın sevdiği daha güzeldir. He who sits waiting for his neighbor will go to bed hungry. – selamet = soundness, healthiness, peace, – from Arabic سلامة  salāmat (same meaning), – gözlemek = to await, wait for, watch out for, monitor. “Arabic is a language, Persian is a sweetmeat; Turkish is an art.” — Persian proverb 4 Benefits of Learning Persian Language. (MY 9), Kırkında saz öğrenen kıyamette çalar. Some examples are provided below with its direct translation and with its meaning: (Do not search for a calf under a bull.) (MY 1), Zayi olan koyunun kuyruğu büyük olur. Water flows to the place where it has flowed. Best and Famous Persian (Dari ) Proverbs With English Translation. (MY 384), Devletliye “beli” derler, yokusla “deli.” (MY 380), Kadın şeytana pabucunu ters giydirir. A man without a child is a king without sorrows. The loveliest faces are to be seen by moonlight, when one sees half with the eye and half with the fancy. proverbs . tweet; 1.Once upon a timeیکی بود یکی نبود . The trousers of a man catching fish will get wet. When fortune turns against you, even jelly breaks your teeth. A nail will come out, but its hole remains. The sky is the same color wherever you go. (MY 133), Hocanın dediğini yap, yaptığinı yapma. The sheep that went astray had the largest tail. With 78.4 million inhabitants, Iran is the world’s 17th most populous nation. Treat your superior as a father, your equal as a brother, and your inferior as a son. The aim of such works is not only of educate young Westernborn Iranians but also to inform the - general reading public. Often the best way of giving oneself what one lacks is to take from oneself what one has. When the snake is old, the frog will tease him. Turkish-Persian Translator app - free and easy to use. Persian is not just the second most widely spoken languages in the Middle East, but also an expression of an ancient civilization. The tool does the work but the hand is proud of it. The hungry will eat anything, the suffering will say anything. He who knows the way does not join the caravan. If they say there is a wedding feast in the sky, women would set a ladder to attend it. To say “I don’t know” will save one many trouble. – from Persian دريا  daryā (same meaning). See with your mind and hear with your heart. The larger a man’s roof, the more snow it collects. An average native Turkish speaker has about 200 proverbs in his/her vocabulary and uses them quite often to express his/her thoughts. Don’t boil water for the hare still in the mountain. (MY 394). (MY 145), Şaşkın ördek başını bırakır, kıçından dalar. Dr. Solati’s work differs from such previous collections because it is the first bilingual paremiological work to concentrate on poetical proverbs. (MY 147), “Bilmem” demek çok türlü kaza savar. To the lean horse even its own tail is a burden. (As long as you live you will have troubles. Translation of proverb in English. plural of [i]proverb[/i] Proverbs . (MY 8), Gençler bilse, yaşlılar yapabılse. (Wiktionary), – kesilmek = to be cut; interrupted; pretend to be. (MY 308), Kanı kanla yumazlar, kanı su ile yurlar. A vinegar seller with a smiling face earns more money than a honey seller with a sour face. The guard’s sleep is the lamplight of the thief. Wealth teaches man to walk, poverty strife. A tear at the right moment is better than a misplaced smile. If love settles in the head, the mind will flee. If they throw you out of the door you drop through the chimney. There are three things that have to be done quickly: burying the dead, opening the door for a stranger, and fixing your daughter’s wedding. The bigger a man’s head, the worse his headache. – from Arabic عقل  ‘aql (reason, intelligence) + li (with), They spat in the face of the shameless man and he said “It’s raining.”, – from Arabic عار ج أعيار  ‘ār pl. (MY 122), Dünyayı sel bassa ördeğe vız gelir. (The real work is often done by people who don’t get credit for it). There are three kinds of enemy: the enemy himself, the friends of your enemy, and the enemies of your friends. If your neighbor, your wife or your horse give you nothing but trouble, move away from the neighbor, divorce the wife, and sell the horse. This Persian to Turkish-language translator software is a useful program that will help you to translate the word and text as well as from Persian to Turkish and vice versa. آنقدر چريدى كو دنبه ات (SH 15) Thou hast been grazing so much, where is thy fat tail? Adjective Conjunctions; Abstractions; Comparative; Superlative; Demonstratives. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Every man is the architect of his own fortune. – from Arabic  البتّاً  al-battan (same meaning). Sometimes the result is merely humorous, but the most spectacular examples result in the opposite meaning of the standard proverb.Anti-proverbs are common on T-shirts, such as ^If at first … (MY 320), Hizmetçı kırarsa suç, hanım kırarsa kaza. These idioms which are so normal in Persian sound absolutely absurd when translated literally into English. (MY 342), Ağızından çıkanı kulağı işitmez. – itibar = dignitiy, reputation, respect, regard, – from Arabic إعتبار  i‘tibār (same meaning). its Persian translation as the corpus of the study. (MY 50), Vücudunu kirden, ağzını küfürden, kalbini kibirden koru. – from Arabic مزار  mazār (shrine, sanctuary; visited place). Meaning: “For various reasons a good advice or a genuine warning is often disregarded or considered of no importance.” Source for meaning and proverb… (MY 165), Elin ayıbını sana söyleyen elinkini de sana söyler. The hand that gives is also the one that receives. (MY 163), Tokken (yemek) yiyen mezarını dişiyle kazar. – from Persian سرمايه  (sarmāye) (from “sar” = “head”; “māye” = “matter, substance”). (MY 308), Devletli ile deli (ikisi de) bildiğini işler. Iranians show you affection by saying they want to eat your liver and tell you to get lost by losing your grave. He who witnesses an earthquake is willing to accept a fire. – terbiye = politeness; nurture, upbringing, – from Arabic تربية  tarbiya (same meaning). Translation: A friend is known on black (i. e bad days). A camel doesn’t become a pilgrim by going to Kaaba (Center of Mecca). (MY 126), Sen ağa, ben ağa, bu ineği kim sağa? A buffalo is black, but it gives white milk. Turkish to Persian Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. its Persian translation as the corpus of the study. The wise man that does not put his knowledge into practice is like a bee that gives no honey. But Persian loves its idioms, and to claim any sort of fluency in the language, you need to have a strong grasp of them. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. If you fall into a pit, Providence is under no obligation to come and look for you. The crow doesn’t peck the lice off a buffalo’s back just to be kind. One misfortune is better (teaches more) than one thousand pieces of advice. – from Persian كنار  kenār (same meaning), – possibly from Arabic بكارت  bikāra (virginity (of a woman)), – from Persian نم  nam (same meaning, both an adjective and a noun). (People who are really valuable are not haughty.). Simple Persian Proverbs (with English translation), rich with meaning, but light on complicated vocabulary! (MY 282), Ertesi tane pirinçten bugünkü bulamaç yeğdir. Maturity comes from wisdom not in the passing of years. proverb translate: atsözü. As the wise man looks for a bridge the fool crosses the river. Meaning: Don't be too hasty. (MY 83), Ölümü ne kadar çok düşünürsen o kadar iyi yaşarsın. (MY 206), Devekuşu gibi yüke gelince kanadını, uçmaya gelince ayağını gösterir (MY 209), Yazın gölge kovan, zemheride karnın ovar. I gave so much advice that hair grew on my tongue. It is not from the love of God that the cat catches mice. One must call a bear an uncle till one is safely across the bridge. (MY 65), Ne tarlam var ne de kargadan davam. – from Arabic نصيحة  naṣīḥa (same meaning), – musibet = misfortune, calamity, disaster, – from Arabic مصيبة  muṣība (same meaning). Turkish term English translation at at oluncaya kadar sahibi mat olur Bringing up someone shall bring you great suffering Neda Namvar Kohan: Entered by: Neda Namvar Kohan. Notify me of new comments via email. When it matches the situation, a proverb is said without any other commentary because it just says it all. (MY 388), Kedi cigere yetişemezse “bugün oruçtur” demiş. (MY 298), Balık ağa girdiktan sonra aklı başına gelir. – muhabbet = conversation; affection, love, – from Persian تيز  tiz / tēz (quick; sharp, spicy). – from Arabic طالع  ṭāli‘ (star of destiny). When glass hits a stone, the glass breaks. Nice Persian Proverbs With English Meaning and Translation - Section 2 Nasir Bashir Nice Urdu Poem With Poetry Picture Nice and Best Funny Urdu Ghazal Nice Poem of Saadi In English With Poetry Picture Nice Pashto Poem Best Poem About Father With Design Best Pashto Ghazal (Da Sta Par Stergo Ke) Followers. Type: noun; Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; farsilookup.com (انجیل) کتاب امثال سلیمان نبی (مخفف : Prov یا Prv یا Pr) plural of proverb. 1 A; 2 B; 3 C; 4 Ç; 5 D; 6 E; 7 F; 8 G; 9 H; 10 I; 11 İ; 12 K; 13 L; 14 M; 15 N; 16 O; 17 P; 18 R; 19 S; 20 Ş; 21 T; 22 U; 23 Ü; 24 V; 25 Y; 26 Z; A . Acquaintance without patience is like a candle with no light. in french: avec une … Life is like perpetual drunkenness, the pleasure passes but the headache remains. (We have what is necessary for success but we lack opportunities to use it. Share. (One always pictures something that is lost as being better than it actually was.). A wise man learns politeness from the impolite. You cannot write straight on a crooked stencil. 2.When there is a will,there is way خواستن توانستن است . (MY 132), Arabanın ön tekerleği nereden geçerse, arka tekerleği de oradan geçer. One single proverb is worth a thousand pieces of advice. It means that if there are two leaders acting at the same time, things could end in disaster. At var, meydan yok. While striving to get horns, I lost my ears. (MY 210), Tembel ceviz ister, kırmaya üşenir. o== Unsourced == Contents. They struck at the tree with an axe, and the tree said: “The handle is made from my body.”, (It is the most painful blow when it is one’s own child or someone you have protected who sets out to harm him). He has taken on some new responsibilities even though he can’t handle what he already has. ~ An excerpt from Wikipedia. Never open a door that you can’t lock again. It may slip from the mind, but not from the notebook. (MY 219), Bilen söylemez, söyleyen bilmez. – from Arabic قضاء  qaḍā  (settling, judgement). – from Persian آش  which refers to a heavy noodle soup in Iran and Afghanistan, but to a rice pilav with carrots and lamb meet in Tajikistan, where the word is also used to refer to “food” in general. He who looks in two directions becomes squint-eyed. This entails that translator dealing with Arabic proverbs should be prepared to encounter specific cultural aspects in the translation process. Dictionary of Turkish Proverbs. A blind man who sees is better than a sighted man who is blind. 12 Persian Idioms and Proverbs Related to Animals Posted on 26 July 2018. If you can give me no ointment for my wound, can you help me by not rubbing salt in? (JH 40), Saygı sayana, terbiye alana göredir. The unpretentious and modest common sense of the Turkish people over many generations is distilled in many proverbs that are used today. Taking the first step with the good thought, the second with the good word, and the third with the good deed, I enter paradise. (MY 149), Ayıpsız dost arayan dostsuz kalır. – from Persian بهار‎  bahār (same meaning). (MY 49), Karga yavrusuna bakmış, ‘benim ak pak evladım’ demiş. The mud that you throw will fall on your own head. Iran also known as Persia, is a country in Western Asia. A hungry person thinks he will never have enough and a satisfied person thinks that he will never be hungry. (MY 286), Ne edeyim altın taşı ki, içine kan kusuyorum. (MY 7). Aslan kocayınca sıçan deliği gözetir. – from Persian پيس  pis (vitiligo disease, leprosy. – sokmak = to bite, sting; to embed, tuck in. English Proverbs with Persian Translation. (MY 56), Arı ile kalkan bal başına, sinekle kalkan leş başına. Free Turkish Translator provides translations for text, words and phrases from Turkish to Persian and other foreign languages. If you don’t know how to swim, why are you at the seashore? (MY 73), Zor kapıdan girerse, şeriat bacadan çıkar. Turkish. A timely tear is better than a misplaced smile. –quebec proverb. Here are some of them we selected for you. – el = hand; people, stranger, other person. Turkish Proverb If and When were planted and Nothing grew. The mouse that has but one hole is quickly caught. When violence comes through the door, justice leaves through the chimney. The branch that bears the most fruit bends itself thankfully towards the ground. An arm is broken, and it becomes a burden on the neck. A sharp tongue will cut off its own head. (MY 262), Yağmur yağken küpleri doldurmalı. (MY 34), Arsızın yüzüne tükürmüşler, yağmur yağıyor demiş. You have grown as big as a camel, but you do not have the honor of its ears. (MY 222), Kör görmez, sezer; sağır işitmez, uydurur. Here are 17 of the most famous Egyptian proverbs literally translated into English and what they originally mean.

turkish proverbs with persian translation

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