Classic Japanese potato salad recipe. Hi Angie! “Unfortunately the owner/chef retired earlier [last] year. Thinly sliced pork is wrapped around the potato salad and the teriyaki glaze goes really well with potato salad. Hi Peckish! The versatilty of this salad makes it very easy to eat: At parties served as is or with crackers; I often eat it as a sandwich on hearty breads for lunch or a snack. ), Hi KD! I like to eat it with a piece of meat or a piece of fish. She’s one of my trusted resources for Japanese home cooking, and her potato salad recipe doesn’t disappoint. Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Such a flexible recipe: will add peas next time around (it’s something my Japanese-Hawaiian mom would’ve done. 1/3 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper It’s an addictive appetizer or side dish that is really … It just so happened I had a mess of mashed potatoes, grilled corn & wanted a potato salad. However when I made it, I omitted the ham, sweetcorn and (accidentally) pepper, and that I also forgot to place it in the fridge! I sometimes skip some ingredient (if I don’t have it)… Feel free to adjust. It is so yummy! Shift the pot in circular motion so the potatoes wont’ get burnt. . When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. I think and believe most of Japanese potato salads don’t include mustard or karashi, and it’s more of a secret ingredient (we call it “kakushi aji”), or labeled as “adult-style” potato salad. . If you’re a potato salad lover, you will be happy to add this delicious version into your repertoire. Cook the potatoes until a paring knife or wooden skewer poked into them goes in without resistance, about 15 minutes. Thank you for sharing your recipes and experience! It just occurred to me…in your recipe you do not salt and drain the liquid from the cucumber slices? The potatoes are roughly mashed, so it’s kind of like mashed potatoes with all the colorful ingredients. . For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. 2. Aww thank you so much for your kind words! Yes. Required fields are marked *. Please check it out! My mom shows you just how easy it is to make this popular salad.Subscribe for more videos! I boil the eggs by placing cold eggs point down on an egg trivet, add 1c water, and cook for high pressure for 5 minutes. Welcome to Chow with Me, where Chowhound’s executive editor Hana Asbrink shares all of the irresistible things she’s cooking, eating, reading, buying, and more. Add hams and veggies into the mashed potato bowl. Oh my gosh, Nami! I tried your dorayaki recipe a few weeks ago and that also came out great. Thank you so much for your kind feedback. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe! Fine diced the carrots (uncooked), we really loved it; thank you! I saw many recipes require the use of vinegar in their recipe. This is a great example of the leftover turns into the main dish the next day. Rich in fiber and nutrients like vitamin C and potassium, potato salads are the perfect complement to these protein-packed dishes. 1 teaspoon sea salt . I may make the salad today. Slowly drizzle in 250 ml (8½ fl oz/1 cup) vegetable oil with the motor running on medium speed. Thank you for trying this recipe! With a rich creamy texture that’s balanced by a mild tartness and sweetness, this easy side makes for the perfect accompaniment for other home-cooking classics such as Karaage , Tonkatsu and Chicken Nanban . I know the japanese mayonnese has diferentt flavor and I’d like to buy the right one ! Place 80 ml (2½ fl oz/⅓ cup) unsweetened soy milk, 2 tsp apple-cider vinegar 2 tsp American mustard, ½ tsp salt and 1 tsp caster (superfine) sugar in the jug of a blender and blend until combined. And 2 russests make a boatload of salad! 1/2 carrot, peeled and thinly sliced If you're a potato salad lover, you will be happy to add this delicious version into your repertoire. I sometimes put dijon mustard in mine too but my daughter can sense it (she’s not a fan). Then they gave the secret to keeping it chunky, which for the life of me I can’t remember. The salad always includes a myriad of vegetables, which makes it healthier and visually eye-catching. Thank you so much for always sharing creative, healthy and yummy recipes! Followed the recipe exactly, except I boiled potatoes straight with boiling water because I was in a rush. Ohhh definitely try my potato salad pork rolls… It’s my favorite!!! However, most people seem to enjoy having some potato texture in the salad. Last night I made the creamy mushroom spaghetti….using enoki, crimini, and shiitake mushrooms…and not forgetting to add the soy sauce….What a splendid dish that was. I have read other recipes that include rice wine vinegar, Japanese hot mustard, and onion- what do you think about that? But if you keep in the refrigerator, it lasts 3 days without ham, and 2 days with ham. I’m really happy to hear you enjoy cooking Japanese food at home! So fresh and full of colour! But of course, if you’re throwing a Japanese-theme BBQ, potluck or picnic, you will have to complete the menu with this classic Japanese Potato Salad. Enjoy potato salad pork roll. We start cooking potatoes in cold water so that it allows them to slowly heat up so they will cook through evenly. The classic Japanese potato salad is made of mashed potato (leaving some chunks behind), sliced cucumbers and carrots, eggs and sometimes hams. Besides the mayonnaise, Japanese homemade potato salad has a lot more vegetables in it. Thank you for your input.☺️. , Hi John! Thanks for trying this recipe! Works perfectly every time, so I thought I would share <3. I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed the pasta! I love the addition of fuji apple! Aww thank you so much for trying my recipes all the time! Add boiled eggs and mix a bit but don’t over do it. Sprinkle a pinch of salt … Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Aug 31, 2011 as a guest post at An Italian Cooking in the Midwest. Hope this helps! The classic Japanese potato salad is made of mashed potato (leaving some chunks behind), sliced cucumbers and carrots, eggs and sometimes hams. I then let the pressure release for 5 minutes, then place in an ice bath for 5 minutes. My mother came to the UK in the late fifties and I grew up on the wonderful dishes that she concocted using any (limited) ethnic ingredients that were available. Thank you! If you are in Japan, there are many variation of Japanese potato salad, and there is no “this is the right way” recipe. I’m so happy you gave this recipe a try and enjoyed it! Thanks so much for trying this recipe! You might also see it as a side dish in a bento lunch box, next to Karaage and Hambagu (Japanese hamburger steak). Grind some pepper over and mix well. It’s flavored with ample mayonnaise (try the tangier, slightly sweeter Japanese Kewpie mayo for stellar results), rice wine vinegar, and studded with refreshing cucumber and carrots. Ahhh… your meal made me hungry! LOL. Thank you for the wonderful recipe! Classic Japanese potato salad recipe. American potato salad suffers from the same affliction as its cousin, coleslaw: too much mayonnaise. A chef in Japan first tried to make a similar version in Japan in 1896; and that’s where the Japanese potato salad came from, and eventually evolved over the years.” Interesting, indeed! Hi Hoei Ser! Remove the shell and mash the egg with a fork in a small bowl. Just a question regarding Japanese Potato Salad., Hi Nami, I just made your potato salad and it is fantastic. I made this before and it start to smell after 1 day. Every culture that eats potatoes probably has its own unique recipe for potato salad. It’s so good… , The shop we bought it from (when I was a kid living in Japan) added peas. Put potatoes in a large pot and add water until it covers all the potatoes. Hi CCW! By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. We use Japanese mayo for salad, like potato salad here, but also as a salad dressing. It's seasoned only with salt and a little pepper, and lots and lots of mayonnaise, and is just a bit sweet from the other vegetables mixed in - boiled carrots, thinly sliced cucumber, and onion. I have been getting a potato salad in the pre-made bentos I buy occasionally from a local store and absolutely fell in love with the potato salad. That’s a super quick method! Thank you for your kind feedback. Most of the ingredients are easy to find in regular grocery stores. This fit perfectly. This recipe come soooooo SOOOOOO close. Hope I answered your question. Peel potato skins and cut into 1 ½ inch pieces. Hubby doesn’t eat meat so no ham. Pounded Burdock Root with Sesame Sauce (Tataki Gobo) たたきごぼう,, Just like the potato salads in the US, Japanese potato salad is also a popular party dish. But you could also add thinly sliced carrots or celery for extra crunch. Economical to make and comforting to eat, it’s no wonder potato salad is universally loved. But for short cut, you can use this formula from Just One Cookbook to make your own Japanese … It’s creamy and smooth, but with added chunky textures from the vegetables. A friend commented to me once “it doesn’t seem like Japanese people like to eat leafy salad. Hmmm… either wasabi or Japanese karashi mustard ( It’s nice to have a chilled side dish for dinner sometimes and this was a perfect choice. To make it easy and convenient, I use … . 1/3 cup Kewpie (Japanese) mayonnaise I wish I found this website sooner and am excited to try your other dishes! It’s really up to you. Hi Kris! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. And you can’t freeze the potato salad because the texture changes for potatoes. When I want to get a fresh crunch texture, I leave it. My family loves potato salad so we actually don’t have much leftover. So much better than American potato salad which always just tastes like eating a spoonful on mayo. When you see there no liquid in the pan, remove from heat. Buy our best-selling e-cookbook full of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes! : Even in Japan, there are recipes that uses vinegar, milk, yogurt, dijon mustard, sugar, soy sauce… people make it on their own. Hi Sydney! How fresh was the ingredients you used? I LOVE Japanese potato salad. They’re easy and taste like what I would get at the store or restaurant. This potato salad was a crowd favourite, so flavourful and a perfect side dish! Thanks for trying it and for your kind feedback. All images and content on this site are copyright protected. It’s flavored with ample mayonnaise (try the tangier, slightly sweeter Japanese Kewpie mayo for stellar results), rice wine vinegar, and studded with refreshing cucumber and carrots. After water boils, lower heat to medium and cook until a skewer can goes through the potato smoothly, about 10 minutes. I know the start of summer heralds hot dogs, watermelon, and potato salad and Labor Day marks the end of their seasonal heyday; but in my mind, potato salad is something to be enjoyed year-round. Unlike Western- or German-style potato salad (which I also love), the Japanese version looks closer to roughly mashed potatoes. Try it with a bit of chopped apple slices; you might be surprised how well it tastes. I’m glad to hear my quick and longer mayo recipes helped to make your delicious potato salad! xo. Made this without the ham and corn. This is so yummy! Hi Susan! While talking to Shirley, I became more curious about the origins of this Asian-style potato salad. Hi! So happy to hear you enjoyed it. This is about the 4th time using your potato salad recipe. Hi Christina! Would it add to or overwhelm the yummy balance of flavors? Diced carrots, sliced cucumbers, peas, cooked ham and boiled eggs. . I made it again, for our supper and I am going to serve it with those panko breaded ham slices that you posted yesterday and a green salad on the side. Realized I did actually have rice vinegar in my cupboard after making though, so will use that next time in the mayo. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Anyway, this potato salad is one of the best I’ve ever had so thank you for sharing the recipe! All featured products are curated independently by our editors. It is tasty out of the bowl, but even more delicious after spending a few quality hours in the fridge. In a small bowl mix together the Group A ingredients and pour over the smashed potatoes, gently tossing to evenly coat the potatoes. I made it as a bento filled, but I confess to eating a lot on its own, haha. Making potato salad that is not drowning in mayonnaise but perfectly balanced and so tasty you want to eat it every week? There are a few variations based on your family’s taste, but it’s more standard than American potato salad varieties. Prepare and boil corn (canned corn kernels works as well). Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Thank you for your kind words. I also added a finely sliced spring onion and a small gherkin (pickled cucumber – not the sweet kind but the crunch saltier one) chopped into very tiny pieces – this is something I’ve done forever as I enjoy the tiny bursts of tanginess. It’s a delicious addition. This is a very important step and will prevent soggy potato salad. I do both ways (this pressure cooker version I sprinkle salt: Here in Shizuoka not one of my family or friends makes it the same. xo, Made this today for lunch to go with homemade Aussie meat pie. Arigato for your kind comment! What a nice secret ingredient! Some people use white wine vinegar, but I personally prefer rice vinegar. Mar 29, 2019 - Explore Sarah good's board "JAPANESE POTATO SALAD" on Pinterest. Let’s get started! Thank you!! 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Thank you for your kind feedback. 1/2 cucumber (preferably Japanese or English) thinly sliced xo. We love Japanese potato salad! The salad came out great! That being said, it’s excellent! In the case of the potato salad, the biggest difference is the texture, because in the Japanese version, they're always mashed. When I think of potato salad, there's one that reigns supreme: Japanese style potato salad, which is usually made with tons of mayonnaise. Hi Melissa! The ingredients are not too different from the western version, but flavoring wise, the Japanese version is always seasoned with Japanese mayonnaise and sometimes rice vinegar. , Can do following substitute if I don’t have some ingredients as per your recipe: Ham substitute with crabstic Cucumber replacing with apple Omitting corn if have non. Maybe it’s because our house favorite potato salad is a Japanese potato salad whose perfect balance of creaminess, tartness, and yes, even a touch of sweetness, is so delicious, I often eat it on its own, without any meaty or grilled companions. Cucumbers – Adding salted cucumber is the key to the great texture of Japanese Potato Salad. Extra sea salt for salting & blanching vegetables, Group A ingredients: , I think every nihonjin no matter the country has their own way of making this. xoxo. After years of eating his potato salad and lots of experimenting, I was able to recreate it a few years ago.”. It’s easy and delicious. Then slice it thinly. And stay in touch with me on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram for all the latest updates. I love your recipes! While Potatoes are cooking prepare the other vegetables: Sprinkle both onion slices and cucumber slices lightly with sea salt, mix with your hands making sure the salt coats them evenly. ©2020 Just One Cookbook, All Rights Reserved. Japanese potato salad is one of my favorite sides. I think that matters. Thanks so much for trying this recipe! You have just found the perfect potato salad.So are you ready to learn how you can make it at home? I just put the potato and carrot chunks in a steamer basket, add 1c water, and cook at high pressure for 5 minutes, then let the pressure drop naturally. My mother-in-law adds bits of Fuji apple to her potato salad. Thanks so much for trying this recipe and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it! Hi Lilly! We can also use it as a sauce for dipping, a seasoned oil for stir frying and so on. A basic Japanese potato salad that is creamy and delicious. Drain water and cool down. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It is packaged in soft bottles, and you can just squeeze it over your green salad (hey, don’t say eew!). I’m happy to hear you enjoy my blog. I’m so glad your potato salad came out well! I was a little hesitant about this recipe because I initially didn’t like the taste of Kewpie BUT all the ingredients combined with the textures and flavors really balance out the yolk taste of Japanese mayo.

what to eat with japanese potato salad

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