It feels like you’re Zorro wielding his sword as you slash left and right, getting to balls with ease. The Pro Staff 97L CV is a great racket for a junior. Length: 27in / 68.58cm Strung Weight: 10.8oz / 306.17g Balance: 13.18in / 33.48cm / 3 pts HL Swingweight: 312 String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racket Crafted in the vein of the current Pro Staff performance frames, the Pro Staff Team brings added playability and forgiveness to the iconic franchise. Playing next. Its basalt carbon fiber construction optimizes feel, while Perimeter Weighting System in the frame elevates torsional stability for added consistency. You’re generating a lot of swing speed, but when the ball hits the racket, the ball pushes the racket back in your hand and a lot of the energy you have created gets lost. Please try again later. Given the weight and specs of this racket, I do still think it is ideally suited to a junior player, but perhaps older players who are developing their game might enjoy this racket too. 2020 Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Review & Playtest Notes. Other things to note about the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 If you're a serious player and want to buy this frame you will obviously be looking for a matching pair of them. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. Swings fast; Plenty of spin; Generous sweetspot; Downsides. Les raquettes Wilson Pro Staff sont utilisées par Roger Federer et Dimitrov. Plan de cordage : 16x18 Non cordée . The serve is the area where I’m a little picky about rackets. So, as you see the Wilson Pro Staff Six-One 100 Lite BLX is not perfect and there is definitely some things that can be improved. in. For a little over a week, I had the opportunity to hit with the Pro Staff RF97 daily to share my experience with you. 883813754717BUN. This is exactly what a developing player needs, as picking up injuries as a junior is not something you want to be doing. It still feels like a professional racket though you are not going to see any players in the tour use it. Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS Review. Coups de fond de court - Note : 80 / 100. But I did hope that the baby Pro Staff would have some of the legendary stability of the 340g Pro Staff. Who Will Win The Career Grand Slam First: DJ, Rory, Koepka or Spieth? maxi. Most intermediate players would be able to get a little bit more from a slightly heavier racket, particularly on the serve. Voici selon moi la nouveauté la plus intéressante sur cette raquette, en tout cas celle qui selon moi a le plus d'impact sur les sensations de jeu. The Wilson Pro Staff 97 is just about the best racket I have volleyed with since I’ve been doing this playtest. Length: 27in / 68.58cm Unstrung Weight: 10.2oz / 290g Strung Weight: 10.8oz / 303.34g Balance: 13.1in / 33.27cm / 3 pts HL Swingweight: 314 String Pattern: 18 Mains / 16 Crosses Your email address will not be published. Se termine à 10 nov. à 17:23 Paris 3 j 15 h Provenance : Espagne. WHAT IS THE WILSON PRO STAFF 97? The Wilson Pro Staff 97L Tennis Racquet has something for everyone, but will be a gamechanger for those seeking a light weight player's frame. I wouldn’t say it’s too light for adults, but the majority of adults could manage something a little bit heavier. Raquette de tennis junior WILSON HIGH BEAM SERIES 100 SQ. I had never tried the first edition of the pro staff 90 before, so it was high time for Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90 Review. FREE SHIPPING OVER $99 FROM OUR AUSTRALIAN WAREHOUSE TO YOUR HOME CUSTOMER SUPPORT OUR LOCAL EXPERTS ARE HERE TO … While I did enjoy feeling like a mini Fed on this play test, the Pro Staff 97L CV was just a touch on the light side. Head Size: 97 sq. Obviously, the Pro Staff 97L CV isn’t going to have the capabilities of much heavier rackets at the net, but how does it do for a 290g racket? £124.99 . She currently plays with the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph. I personally didn’t have a great time on the serve with the Wilson Pro Staff 97L CV, but I don’t think that stops it being a good racket for the right person. Very light by Pro Staff standards, this racket provides a nice degree of maneuverability for … Racket comes pre-strung with Wilson Sensation 16L/1.25, an arm-friendly string built Jeffrey Grauer. 100,00 EUR de frais de livraison. With its controllable power and attractive price, the Pro Staff Precision 100 is a great option for the intermediate player in search of value. That is generally due to the lack of swingweight going through the ball and a lack of stability. Raquette: Wilson; Modèle: Pro Staff 97L CV; Signaler ce message; Posté(e) October 17, 2017. il y a 2 minutes, tambouil a dit : La 97 L est dans la continuité de la LS, moins précise, plus tolérante. La Wilson Pro-Staff 100 LS (285g, 645 cm², 16×15) vient compléter cette gamme avec une version «spin effect» au plan de cordage très ouvert. The swingweight has dropped to 312, while the weight of the racket has moved much more towards the head, with a 3PTS HL balance. Head Size: 97 sq. Profil : 22 mm. I’m a big fan of the all black myself and think it’s probably the best-looking racket on the market in this paint job. 10 enchères. Mark: 5.0 lefty all-court player with a one-handed backhand. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. SKU. 17,01 EUR de frais de livraison. Firstly, thanks for your interesting question. Chrissaid, "I found a huge difference between how this racquet played off the ground and how the RF version played off the ground. The classic look is provided by the bore-through insert and long, gold-red-gold ferrule, while True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts and Lamkin grips complete the package. Any racquet that is extremely similar to what Roger Federer uses is going to have quite a few fans around the world. in. 20,00 EUR de frais de livraison. Wilson Pro Staff 95 - 100 Years Package Product code: WRT722700 This item has now been discontinued £179.99 Inc. VAT Product Information; Delivery / Returns; Collectors Edition celebrating Wilson's 100 years anniversary. Home Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 tennis racket review Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 tennis racket review Tech Geek-March 28, 2013. Report. It’s obviously not the racket for me, but I still had good fun with this racket at the net. / 69.2 cm. Hannah - "I didn’t test the previous version of the Wilson Burn 100 , but this racket is in my preferred weight range and although the feel varies a little bit, the playability of this racket is great when stacked up against racquets like the Babolat Pure Drive, Babolat Pure Aero, Wilson Pro Staff 97 and Wilson Blade 98. Its fused composition of graphite and aluminum creates an appealing mix of stiff and flexible properties for … À partir de 0,00 € Épuisé. I don’t normally get too carried away with new technology, but the CV is one that I have been particularly impressed with. Like the Steam 99S and the Juice 100S, this new Pro Staff features Wilson's super open 16x15 string pattern, which dramatically increases the spin potential and opens up the sweetspot of the racquet. 1:47. The obvious differences between the two rackets are the weight and the head size. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s quite a nice feeling to be following in the footsteps of the great man! in. This would be my main reason why I can’t really see the Pro Staff 97L CV as a racket for adults. But with the Pro Staff 97L CV it was a perfect mix. To understand what the Wilson Pro Staff 97 is, we have to look at where it originated. in. Wilson golf balls are designed with very simple features compared to many other brands. I think the Pro Staff 97L CV would be an excellent serving weapon for a developing junior and I would recommend it to any aspiring player. The decent stability that I found from the back of the court transferred to the volleys, and I felt I had a reasonable platform from which to pop back the ball. The specs and layout have remained the same as the previous version, so we had playtesters who reviewed the original Pro Staff 97 review this … Summary. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racket - Black [Frame Only] £230.00 . He currently plays with the Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph. I was also excited to be back using Wilson’s brilliant Countervail Technology, which I have been very impressed with when using the Wilson Ultra 100 CV and the Wilson Burn 100 CV. This amazing racket is part of the same series that the best tennis player of all time is using - Roger Federer. With an 16 x 19 string pattern this racquet maximizes spin potential and providing a lively response on contact. La gamme de raquette Wilson Pro Staff apporte un maximum de sensation et de performance. It is clear that some of this prowess has rubbed off on the Pro Staff 97L CV. Wilson Staff D-100 Irons Review. Troy currently plays with a Wilson Six.One 95 18x20. cm. Wilson Pro Staff 100 Light Racquet 2014. A new twist on a classic, the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, is Roger Federer’s signature version of the Wilson Pro Staff 97. Test réalisé par Jean-Pierre, niveau approximatif 5/6, meilleur classement 1/6. In 2011 and 2017 (Wilson Pro Staff RF 85) and has a loyal fan-following despite that its head size of 85 sq inches might be a little out-of-date in these top-spin friendly, baseline bashing times. Despite the fact the Pro Staff 97L CV is not designed for someone like me, I did have a very enjoyable playtest with this racket. Its basalt carbon fiber construction optimizes feel, while Perimeter Weighting System in the frame elevates torsional stability for added consistency. The result is a racquet that was easy on our playtesters' arms and gave them ample access to … Within Wilson's new 100s range, distance is taken care of by the D100s, launched last year with the promise of helping everyday golfers swing faster with less effort. A selection of the best fairway woods on…, To help you look your best, we’ve compiled…, Perfect your look with these various short styles…, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Save Up To 35% On Garmin Golf Watches This Cyber Monday.

wilson pro staff 100 review

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